Doom Multiplayer Beta is ‘Wild and Amazing’, Promises to Take You Back to the Golden Era of FPS Gaming!

There’s a month left till Doom finally releases and with the multiplayer beta launched recently, people are quite excited playing it and waiting for the official game release. As promised by the E3 2015 trailer, the gameplay delivered by Doom beta was similar to the first-person shooter games from the golden era of FPS gaming.

The environments featured cramped military establishments, blood-filled dungeons and much more. Frankly speaking, Doom looks a lot like the shinier and more polished version of the 1993 classic Doom and to some extent has a similarity with Quake.

You will find stuff like shards of armor, ammo and health strategically placed around the environment. At the same time, the speed of gameplay and gun-action is much faster compared to other first-person shooters like Battlefield and Call of Duty.

The classic weapons we have known and loved so far, make an appearance as well. You can kill your opponents with favorites like plasma gun, rocket launcher, and super shotgun and have a major frag fest! Each gun comes with its own set of recoil and feedback while feeling quite unique and satisfying to use.

There is nothing that can give you more pleasure and satisfaction and blasting an opponent into flesh-mounds with a few well-chosen shots from a rocket launcher. Doom is an ancient game but a lot of new formulas have been added.

In the latest game, you can clamber to a higher location. Consoles received this game on Day 1 and this feature was added to make traversing easier on the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One.

With multiplayer titles changing and evolving gradually, Doom limits you to two weapons in particular which is similar to Halo and lets you customize your load out as well.  You can pick your set of weapons before starting, comparable to Battlefield or Call of Duty. Your play style can be further augmented by hacking modules.

Gamers feared that this could mean an entire layer of microtransactions like most games today but thankfully, it didn’t turn out to be so. With the help of hacking modules, you can know how much health your opponent has remaining and it can even point you in the direction of big power-ups for a limited time-period.

The latter can be used to set up ambushes for players searching for power-ups. One of greatest features of Doom is that the multiplayer mode allows playing as one of the game’s monsters by grabbing a demon rune. You can turn into a gigantic rocket-launcher-toting, jet-pack-using demon known as a Revenant and of course, it features a buffed-up health bar.

However, as a non-demon player, you can even things out by using power weapons like the Gauss cannon. With weapons like this, you can decimate your opponents with a single shot. Id Software has found a really interesting way to balance the gameplay with weapons, runes and the likes. This will ensure that while playing the game, you are always involved in a fight.

Doom does a really great job of leveling the playing field but the same cannot be said about the game’s performance across Xbox One and PS4. PS4 offered a fluid, seamless gameplay that was flawless and smooth most of the time. Sadly, the Xbox One suffered from screen tearing but managed to keep up in frame-rates.

This resulted in an overall sub-par experience when compared to PS4 gameplay. Although it can play at 1080p and 60fps, it failed to do as good a job as the PS4. From the looks of it, Id Software has employees from the era when multiplayer went playing games like Quake and Unreal Tournament.

As a result, gamers are really optimistic about the game, and have their fingers crossed for its release. Thankfully, both Bethesda and Id are aware that it is not sufficient to release a game with only a multiplayer component.