Free Games in April for the PS4 Live in Playstation Plus, Who Is Offering the Best Free Games this April, Sony or Microsoft? Let’s See

The Microsoft strategy is to include good and pretty important games in Games with Gold rather than recently released titles. The first episode of The Wolf Among Us released in 2013 and the full series arrived in 2014 November on Xbox One. Meanwhile, Sunset Overdrive was developed by Ratchet & Clank and Resistance creators at Insomniac Games.

It was launched for Microsoft’s console on 28th October, 2014. The game is quite brilliant and it doesn’t matter what perspective you are looking at it from.

The colors are pretty brilliant and deliver a pretty eye-satisfying experience. The gameplay is quite unique and brilliant and it recalls memories from the Jet Set and SEGA Dreamcast era.

Meanwhile, it is a pretty old game in comparison with what could be offered by Microsoft to its subscribers. However, they are not talking about an Xbox One launch title.

This is something that PS4 owners would love to have in their Instant Game Collection. Therefore, it will be taken for good and be enjoyed till it’s free.

Meanwhile, the satisfaction rate for PlayStation Plus is plummeting over time. A PlayStation Reddit Poll revealed that less than 25 percent of PS users are satisfied with what the service provides.

The PlayStation Plus Games in April will be released soon. PS Plus subscribers will soon notice the arrival of this month’s downloadable titles.

Stay tuned for more updates on PlayStation Plus!