Kit Harington and Rose Leslie Dating, Makes Their Red Carpet Debut at The Olivier Awards, Emilia Clarke Teases Her Friend!

Jon Snow has always been a favorite character for the fans of Game of Thrones, which means Kit Harrington, who plays the role a popular figure. Everyone would have noticed the chemistry that Jon Snow shared with Ygritte in Game of Thrones Season 2. Well, the chemistry wasn’t just the two of them being very good actors, it hinted at the fact that there was more than what meets the eye.

Design & Trend reported that while the world knows that Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie had met on the sets of Game of Thrones Season 2, it wasn’t the truth. Rose Leslie, while giving an interview to People had said that the two have known each other even before they had started working together.

However, once they were on the set, working together, where Rose Leslie played the role of Ygritte, the love interest of Jon Snow. Things started developing and the two ended up becoming more than just friends. The buzz started circulating when the two of them were constantly spotted with each other.

While sparks flew when they started working together, Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie were only dating on and off. They were first spotted on a date back in 2012. The couple was spotted enjoying a meal in Rossopomodoro restaurant in London.

While it could have been just a meal that two friends were enjoying, the photos proved that the two were very much together since Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie were leaning on each other, while Harrington caressed her hands.

Fans remember the scene where Ygritte dies in Season 4 and Harrington had revealed that the two were dating when they had to shoot that scene and it was particularly painful since his friend and love was dying and wouldn’t be coming back to shoot again, whereas he would be back for the next season.

However, the romance didn’t last very long and things fizzled out within a year. There were rumors that the two were spotted in and around London in the company of each other, but then there were no concrete proves to prove the claim.

The buzz about the two coming together started again when they were spotted looking very friendly at LAX while going to the Comic-Con in San Diego.

While Kit Harrington had revealed that he was single last year when GQ magazine had sat down with him, things have changed over the course of a year once again. This January, the media spotted Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie kissing in The Grove, where they were spending time.

The news of their romance having rekindled was confirmed when Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie attended the Olivier Award together, making their first red carpet debut together. The couple looked beautiful together and they looked very much in love.

They leaned on each other and brushed their faces and sealed a kiss right on the red carpet, confirming that they were together. Rose Leslie had worn a strapless, silver multi-layered gown with a hair updo. She had accessorized with a stylish choker. Harrington looked handsome in a classic black tuxedo.

The couple has always been very shy of the media and have tried to keep their relationship hidden from the public.

According to the Evening Standard, Kit Harrington has never been one to tell the media about his relationship. He feels that he is appreciated by the audience for his work and the moment, the interest shifts to the personal, things change.