Kit Harington and Rose Leslie Dating, Makes Their Red Carpet Debut at The Olivier Awards, Emilia Clarke Teases Her Friend!

His real job is something else and hence he wouldn’t court the press with his relationship. He added that it is also more fun when the fans keep speculating.

Rose Leslie has similar sentiments on the issue. When The Independent asked her about the rumors that were circulating about the two again dating, she had sounded surprise. She is a very private person and feels that the Pandora’s Box gets opened when that side is forced to be divulged. She added that she believes in keeping something that is very dear to her, away from the public glare.

Emilia Clarke, who plays the role of Daenerys, in Game of Thrones, when informed about the fact that Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie were spotted kissing at The Grove shopping center she gushed about spreading love and then spoke about how certain things in life could be worse than being spotted kissing Kit Harrington.

Emilia Clarke is a very close friend of Rose Leslie and she knows how private her friend can become about her personal life. She also knew the amount of media attention the couple would be getting after the incident and this appeared to be her way of letting her friend know that it is ok if the media knows, things aren’t going to be bad.

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