New Exploits Found in Fallout 4 Can Grant You Huge Amounts of EXP, Get the Best Deal on the Latest Fallout 4 Xbox Bundle!

A lot of players have been releasing guides which should help out the gamers during their journey in travelling across the post-apocalyptic Boston, Massachusetts. This is where the game was actually set in. Meanwhile, numerous players were annoyed with the build limit enforced by the company when building settlements.

Thankfully, MrBossFTW, a YouTube user, found a proper workaround for this limit. Follow this guide to construct large settlements in Fallout 4 on PS4 and Xbox One. First you need to go to the workbench and then store/transfer all the weapons.

After that, you need to put them back into the character inventory. Following that, you need to drop all the weapons in the inventory on the ground. Hover over the weapon and tap Store (on Xbox One and O on PS4) after re-entering the workshop. With this, the gun will be transferred automatically into the workshop inventory.

The size meter can be decreased in this process and this can be further repeated. Players can have unlimited build space with the help of this particular exploit.

In the meantime, MrBossFTW also introduced a simple location guide through which you can discover the Legendary Eddie’s Peace Pistol, which is the rarest and most powerful scoped revolver in the game.

Stay tuned for more updates on Fallout 4!