GoPro Hero 5: Rumored to Feature 8K Resolution, Delay in Release Affects the Company’s Stocks, And More

The GoPro line of cameras was developed by Nick Woodman and the company released its first camera back in 2004. The company’s earnings have been quadrupled in 2014 with the release of its Hero series.

GoPro Inc. has been tight lipped regarding the details about the upcoming addition to the GoPro series of high resolution cameras. The company has not made any official statements about the release date of GoPro Hero 5 and it is being speculated that the camera won’t hit the market before early next year.

The GoPro Hero 5 was previously scheduled to be released in October but the company decided to postpone its release so that they could buy themselves more time to further work on the camera and improve it in every aspect.

According to a report from a renowned website, the GoPro 5 will be a better gadget in every way than its predecessor- the GoPro Hero 4. The device will come with enhanced battery life which will when fully charged will enable the device to provide two hours of video recording. The waterproofing feature of the camera has also been improved and the device can perform seamlessly under water upto a depth of 60m.

The camera will also have greater upload speed than its predecessors as the Bluetooth feature of the device has also been given an uplift.

The action camera will come with an even better resolution than the previous GoPros. Reports from popular sites are stating that the camera will have the capability to capture full HD photos and also record full HD videos. It will reportedly sport an 8K HD resolution.

If these reports are to be believed then the Hero 5 willthe first camera from the GoPro stable to boast an 8K HD resolution. This feature will reportedly double the 4K resolution present in its predecessors and will turn out images and videos of the best quality possible.

The Full Ultra HD resolution is a long awaited feature when cameras are concerned and if indeed the Hero 5 comes with this feature, it will definitely work towards boosting sales for the company’s upcoming action camera.

The device will also be smaller in size and lighter in weight than previous GoPro models which will give a sleek appearance to it and will make it easier to hold and mount on helmets. The camera will have a weight which is 40 percent less and a size that is 50 percent less than its predecessors.

It will have a powerful A10 chip on the inside which will enable it to perform effortlessly under any conditions. It will also reportedly come with a dive housing unit that will come in handy during underwater shooting.

Another website claims that the company has recently launched the GoPro Session camera which is a more compact camera compared to the Hero series andthis could also be a reason behind the delay in the release of the Hero 5 as the company might not want to affect the sales of the Session by releasing another better camera in quick succession.

The GoPro Hero 5 will reportedly come with a price tag that will fall between the $500-$600 ranges. Considering the features that the Hero 5 will sport, this price range could be stated as a fair one for the upcoming high resolution camera. However, some fans believe that with the presence of a number of other high quality cameras in the market, the sale of Hero 5 will suffer a setback if it is priced too high.