New Exploits Found in Fallout 4 Can Grant You Huge Amounts of EXP, Get the Best Deal on the Latest Fallout 4 Xbox Bundle!

Fallout 4 features a huge world and due to its very massive nature, the game is chock-full of glitches and exploits which allow the players to do something that should not be possible. An exploit allowing players to gather huge amount of resources was discovered earlier this month and even in the console versions of the game, another useful one was found.

You can gather huge amounts of EXP in a very short time with the help of the new Fallout 4 Exploit. If you follow the method correctly, you will be able to earn around 5000 EXP in a minute. With this, leveling up will be incredibly easy.

A new Fallout-4 video surfaced online and it showed the way in which you can make use of console commands to build in the pre-War sanctuary. Keep in mind that the pre-War sanctuary can only be built in the PC version of the game, since the PS4 and Xbox One versions lack the presence of console commands.

Shortly after Fallout 4’s release on Xbox One and PS4, this particular exploit was discovered. With the help of this exploit, you can build and improve settlements with the huge amounts of resources that you can gather with it.

With the help of this exploit, the game turns out to be less grindy in nature.  Meanwhile, Fallout 4 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in both Europe and North America.

If you missed out on some lucrative Fallout 4 deals before, now you can purchase an Xbox One Fallout 4 1TB bundle for only $329.99 as a pre-Cyber Monday deal. Meanwhile, Sales Tax will be in Georgia and California only.

A lot of you have probably wanted to wait till Black Friday in order to grab a great deal but thankfully, it’s not even Black Friday yet and a good deal has already come your way. Microsoft Store is offering a pretty impressive deal on the Xbox One Fallout 4 1TB bundle which is $50 off and at the same time, they are throwing in a $60 Xbox Gift Code and along with that, a choice of a free game.

If you compare this deal with those from the other retailers, you will notice that almost everyone the $299 price tag with little extra in terms of incentives.

The closest is the GOW bundle being offered by Dell, which comes with a copy of Fallout 4 along with an extra controller. If you don’t wish to shell out that much, you can go for the Gears of War 500GB bundle for $299.99 and then use the $60 Xbox Gift Code for purchasing Fallout 4, sometime in the future. Here are some of the present deals available:-

  • Xbox One Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Bundle + $60 Xbox Gift Code + Free Game — $299 (list $349)
  • Xbox One FIFA 16 1TB Bundle + 1 Yr. EA Access + $60 Xbox Gift Code + Free Game — $349 (list $399)
  • Xbox One Rise of the Tomb Raider 1TB Bundle + Controller— $349.99 (list $400)

After its release on 10th November for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, Fallout 4 is no doubt the most played video game. The entire Fallout series has been a major favorite among fans and hardcore gamers. After the release of Fallout 4, a lot of gamers have been converted to the open-world, action-adventure game.

The game enjoyed record sales right on its launch date and even the PornHub traffic was affected, according to a survey by the company. It is the latest game from Bethesda and was only announced during its first press conference at E3 2015.