New Antagonist Coming Up In Jessica Jones Season 2, Hellcat and Nuke Will Be Focused Upon In the Next Season, And More

David Tennant’s Kilgrave is the Marvel Universe’s most fearsome bad guy. He wasn’t shooting lasers at the moon or planning to overthrow the democratic order in some metropolis. Apparently, things are quite different from the storybooks. His rise to evil came from a power that was less obvious.

Kilgrave had a type of mind control through which he could make people do what he said. It turned him into a dark and entertaining character but a highly disturbing antagonist at the same time. However, Jessica snapped his neck when Kilgrave forced her to confront him.

It made for a proper conclusion in Season 1 but people were left wondering as to how Jessica’s character would follow-up, after Kilgrave’s amazing performance. On Saturday’s New York Magazine’s Vulture Festival in New York, Melissa Rosenberg, the series creator admitted that Krysten Ritter has a challenging time ahead of her. However, she assured that Krysten knows what she is doing.

Rosenberg declared that it is not at all difficult to introduce a new antagonist for Jessica Jones Season 2. Rosenberg said that the choice of villain depends on how personal it is to her. She won’t care if some guy comes up and simply declares that he wants to take control over the city. The antagonist must have a personal connection with Jessica Jones. It doesn’t necessarily mean history but instead, a direct connection needs to be established.

In season 1’s final episode, Luke Cage comes under the influence of Kilgrave’s powers and he is used as a weapon against Jessica. Both of them engage in a Deathmatch and naturally, Jessica finds it difficult to bring out the real Luke. With no other choice, Jessica aims a shotgun at his chin and Cage tells her to take the shot and Jessica fires.

When Luke finally recovers, he finds out that Jessica has finished Kilgrave but she will end up being arrested. Luke wants to help her but Temple reveals that he would get himself arrested as well. Temple left Luke for some time but when he returns, Luke is already gone. People are wondering whether Luke will return in Season 2.

Ritter stated that Jessica and Luke are quite different but both of them have something broken inside due to which they can successfully identify and connect to each other. There was a magic between them and due to that magic, they ended up on top of ET’s Sexiest TV Couples of 2015 list.

Jessica Jones Season 2 will begin next year and at the same time, Luke Cage will be getting his own TV show as well. The latter hits Netflix on September. According to Collider, he will sort out a mess in Harlem. He will be tasked with the job of safeguarding the people since the law enforcement is corrupt or incapable.

An official release date of Jessica Jones is yet to be revealed but according to actress, Krysten Ritter, it will film back to back with The Defenders from late 2016 to early 2017. From the looks of it, she will be extremely busy. According to showrunner Melissa Rosenberg, Jessica might enjoy a few holidays in Season 2.

She stated that secondary character stories need to be earned. They secondary characters need to be focused enough so that they can carry out their individual stories. According to her, this is what season one was all about. In Season 1, the storylines of Trish Walker and Officer Will Simpson were clearly being developed.

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