Review of Silicon Valley Season 3 Episode 5, Interesting Yet Subtle Changes Made to the Opening Animation Sequence, And More

Tech start-up Pied Piper continues to face problems as Richard has been shafted for the position of CEO after Jack, played by veteran actor Stephen Tobolowsky, is removed from his position. Laurie, played by Suzanne Cryer, ends up interviewing everyone for the CEO Job.

As a result, Richard feels highly unappreciated and as a result, he ends up taking some rash actions. The show features some really good writing. There are numerous sub-plots which seem frivolous to the main story but they finally intersect in amazing ways, as shown by the 5th episode.

Big Head’s character is played by Josh Brener and he doesn’t really have anything to do in Season 1. He simply comes up here and there and adds some moments of hilarity. However, he plays an important role during this episode since he ends up saving Richard from his own destructive patterns.

Episode 5 of Silicon Valley is named The Empty Chair and from the looks of it, this episode will matter a lot for the upcoming episodes.

All shiny and expensive assets are being liquidated so that the company can get back on track financially but in the process, Gilfoyle accidentally ends up selling Dinesh’s hard-drive. The hard drive contained all the intellectual property of Pied Piper and this includes everything the boys have been working on, since the last 3 seasons.

With Jared’s help, they finally discover the hard drive in the house of an old man with no knowledge on computers. During this, they discover some creepy stuff about Jared’s past.

Gilfoyle successfully drills a hole into the hard-drive and it should prevent anyone else from accessing their private information. A member of the Geek Squad arrives soon in order to set up the hard drive for the old man.

Thankfully, their intellectual property is finally saved from falling into the wrong hands. In the meantime, it has been predicted that this plot will come back in a future episode.

This is because the Geek Squad member will actually manage to decipher some information from the ruined hard drive. This will probably lead up to further problems with Gavin Belson or present a completely new barrier in their way.

In Episode 5 of Silicon Valley, the show focused on the role played by the media and perception when it comes to establishing a Silicon Valley Startup. TechCrunch and CodeRag have a host of articles suggesting that Laurie Bream is meeting CEO candidates from Silicon Valley but she is finally unable to hire any of them.

CodeRag talks about Richard Hendricks’s technical issues along with the music application Pied Piper. Richard starts worrying that bad press will prevent him from coming across a great technical talent. He wishes to meet the tech blogger personally and turn the records straight. When he actually meets her, there’s a lot of fun.

Technology start-ups and Tech media have complicated love-hate bonds but they both need each other. At the same time, they look down on each other as well.

The Tech-media journalists always prefer investigative journalism while the Tech entrepreneurs believe that they are more bloggers than journalists, so in return for inviting them to great places during product launches, the journalists should cover each and every feature that is introduced by a company.

Episode 4 of Silicon Valley, named Maleant Data Systems Solutions was an episode filled with plots. First of all, Jack Barker got fired. As CEO, Barker started taking too many liberties even after saying that working together and compromising is the way to create a better company.