Review of Silicon Valley Season 3 Episode 5, Interesting Yet Subtle Changes Made to the Opening Animation Sequence, And More

The financial bankers at Raviga are upset with the fact, and Barker was fired for saying that Laurie Bream doesn’t have the power to do anything about it. As a result, the Pied Piper team now features a gaping hole and people are wondering who the next CEO will be. In the meantime, Erlich has a great plot for Season 3.

Big Head is back and he accidentally created a competing tech incubator in his massive mansion. Erlich decided to enter business with Big Head since he was since he was disgruntled with the fact that one of his former tenants would nick his own business idea.

With the season 3 premiere, Silicon Valley made a lot of interesting changes. In case you noticed carefully, you will see that there are a lot of changes in the opening animations sequence.

This was done in order to focus on the ever-changing look of companies in Silicon Valley. It seems like Uber has replaced Napster. Google was all by itself while Facebook appeared to be bigger than Oculus.

On top of Yahoo headquarters, a logo of Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba was placed. The animated title sequence in season 3 looks different as well.

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