Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Divorce Rumors Continue to Exist, Kim Shares a Video of Herself and Her Husband in Bed!

Kim Kardashian is an American reality television personality who is also an actress, businesswoman, socialite and model. The renowned celebrity is currently in the news with various rumors doing rounds on the internet which suggest that she may be headed towards a divorce with her rapper husband Kanye West.

Just in the recent past, Kanye West was on the Ellen Degeneres Show and it is his behavior on this particular show which has reportedly pushed Kim towards that decision. On the show, Kanye West delivered a monologue which reports state has left Kim embarrassed.

During his rant Kanye talked about the human race as a whole. He stated that every person belongs to the human race and all of them are part of a single civilization. Human beings are nothing more than a blip in the entirety of the universe.

He then went on to say that instead of helping each other, everyone is trying to pull each other down. He is of the opinion that he will be able make a difference through his skills as an artist. He believes that he will be able to make things better than they currently are through his music and set of skills.

He ended the rant with the words- “I’m an artist. Five years old, art school. PhD, Art Institute of Chicago.”People have already started criticizing Kanye by calling him an egomaniac. They are of the opinion that the rant was just a reflection of his big ego.

It has also sparked off rumors that the latest rant from husband Kanye has left Kim rather red-faced which in turn led to speculations that Kim might have made up her mind for a divorce with Kanye.

However, it should be mentioned that rumors of the couple’s divorce have been circulating around the internet for a long time now and none of the claims have been able to find a single source of official backing.

Moreover, the claims of Kim Kardashian being embarrassed by the rant seems nonsense as she posted a message on her Twitter account regarding it which read- “Proud of my baby”. The message was accompanied by the clip of Kanye’s monologue.

From the looks of it, rumors regarding the divorce of the duo seem completely baseless at these point as both Kanye and Kim seem quite happy with each other.

In other news, Kim recently shared a video on Snapchat which showed herself and Kanye on bed. Now, before anyone gets any ideas, it should be mentioned that Kanye was seen sleeping in the video which is being dubbed as an “intimate clip!”

In-fact, Kanye could be seen sleeping like a baby and snoring in the video. Apparently, Kim had just reached London from LA and she was having trouble falling asleep. Thus she decided to make a video of herself and her husband.

At the beginning of the video, Kanye is awake and he could be seen cuddling with Kim. She states that the time is 4 AM and she is unable to fall asleep. Eventually, her husband drifts off into the world of sleep and starts snoring.

Kim also stated that she did not get her periods in the current month which led her to think that she might be pregnant. However, she clarified in the video itself that she is in-fact not pregnant!

Kim recently made a public appearance with a choker around her neck which turned a lot of heads. The reason behind this? The choker was brandished with the word “SEX” in big letters! Her husband was also spotted along with her and it has come to light that the duo was shopping in London.