Mukesh Bhatt Talks About Dishoom Avoiding Piracy, Makes Good Business In The First Week, Dhawan Feels The Film Had More Potential Than Dilwale

Dishoom had all the ingredients needed for a box-office success. The film had two of the most dashing men in Bollywood, John Abraham and Varun Dhawan, and one of the hottest heroines in the industry, Jacqueline Fernandez.

The film had a line-up of some great actors with Akshay Khanna, NargisFakri, Akshay Kumar and Parineeti Chopra in supporting roles. The actors along with beautiful locales in the Middle East ensured that the film caught the attention of the audience.

Dishoom went on to make a collection of 15 crores INR on the very first day. The film had a total budget of 70 crores and it made up for it. The international box office collection wasn’t that impressive since John Abraham and Varun Dhawan aren’t known faces there.

After two successful weeks, Dishoom suffered greatly. The trade experts have however maintained that the film did pretty good business.

Dishoom used some clichéd premise to sell itself. The setting of the Gulf makes it a great choice given that the plot for the story revolves around cricket, match-fixing and violence. The Middle East is portrayed with all the clichés.

There are the palatial houses, the money, and the Lamborghinis. The ISIS-like organization sees our heroes breaking in with the help of a song and dance routine.

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