Kingsglaive – Final Fantasy XV: The Perfect Mixture Of Thrill And Sci-fi With Spectacular Visuals And Graphics, Every Game Lover’s Heightened Excitement After Kingsglaive

Ever witnessed the perfect amalgamation of scientific fiction movie and a basic story line off of a video game? Well, Kingsglaive – Final Fantasy XV is set to blow your mind with its breathtaking visual graphics and animation.

An adaptation of the upcoming video game Final Fantasy XV which is being released in November of this year, directors and story writers have emphasized the fact that the movie is an insight to the upcoming game and not a bad spoiler.

The director of the movie, Takeshi Nozue in an interview during comic-con, 2016 informed the viewers that his aim was mainly to make the audience familiar with the idea of the gaming world of the Final Fantasy XV, because not everyone has a console in their house and the back-story encircling the game was worth telling.

Love Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad? Well, as much as I know how good the stories are, I want to know about the actors in them. Love them? Well, if the answer is yes, you’ll be happy to know that Game of Thrones stars Sean Bean and Lena Headey are the protagonist in this upcoming sci-fi.

Aaron Paul, who is mainly popular for his contribution in Breaking Bad, plays the role of Nyx, who happens to be an elite soldier from the King’s force or the so-called Kingslaive. He possesses the skill of a trained warrior and can simultaneously yield the magic of the King.

The plot revolves around a fictional depiction in a place named “Eos”, where King Ragis of Lucis is forced to protect and defend his territory from the evil empire Niflheim by enduring a marriage between his son Prince Noetis to the empire’s captive Princess Luna.

The movie shows the natives who are apparently called “glaives” are able to teleport with the help of boomerang-shaped throwing daggers, and their main and sole purpose revolves around the protection of their city “Insomnia.”

It even shows the King Regis Lucis Caelum CXIII’s possession of a “magic crystal” that mainly shields and protects the city from the evil intentions of anyone from Nifleim.

While the visual effects and graphics have been very talked about, in recent reports it has been seen that the background music composed by Yoko Shimomura is praised for her impeccable attention to every minute detail in her work.

While you are enjoying all the high quality impressive graphics and picturizations, the hard work that went into it is not just because of a handful of people, but rather fifty companies’ efforts all combined.

The animation team behind the Final Fantasy VII spin-off the film, Advent Children, The third floor are just a few names to start off with the credits behind the mind blowing animation.

A short clip released by Sony Pictures shows the opening scenes of the movie with the protagonists Sean Bean and Aaron Paul in a battlefield. The released video is twelve minutes in duration and can indulge you with a sneak peek to excite your senses.

Even though the graphics and animations have seemed to attract every game lover’s attention, the question of whether the movie is actually a movie still circulates. There has been much confusion regarding whether the depiction is a movie or just a brief overview of the upcoming video game of Final Fantasy XV.

Keeping aside the not so predictable and common plot of the story, it seems like the audiences are just expected to enjoy the visuals alone, because there seems to be nothing special in the plot anymore to indulge in.

The entire movie is simply held together on the sheer splendor of its visuals, where the city of Insomnia is shown off as a magical interpretation of Tokyo, with arachnid shaped spaceships patrolling the sky over bill boards and office buildings.