Mukesh Bhatt Talks About Dishoom Avoiding Piracy, Makes Good Business In The First Week, Dhawan Feels The Film Had More Potential Than Dilwale

There have been many cases where new films have been leaked before they could be released in the theaters. The last movie that was surrounded by piracy rumors was Dishoom.

The film starring John Abraham, Varun Dhawan, and Jacqueline Fernandez was faced with piracy issues right before it was set to release on July 29th. The producers decided to take a serious stand after they received threats about the film being released before the official release date.

Mukesh Bhatt, the producer of Dishoom, decided to take a firm stand and released an official statement where he said that a particular torrent website had advertised that Dishoom would be released on the website soon enough.

India Times reported that Bhatt decided to have an emergency meeting. Bhatt is also the president of the Film Producer’s Guild and the senior producers decided to take matters into their hands.

The issue was tackled, and Dishoom didn’t have to fall prey to piracy in the way Udta Punjab did. Mukesh Bhatt also went on to applaud the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) for handing them the certificate without asking for the DVD. Mukesh Bhatt didn’t want to hand over a copy of Dishoom’s DVD to the Central Board of Film Certification since he feared that it would get leaked.

Udta Punjab faced a major crisis when the copy that was handed over to the Central Board was leaked on the internet. Mukesh Bhatt had made it very clear to the Central Board of Film Certification that they will not be handing over a DVD of Dishoom since they weren’t comfortable with the prospect of the film being released online before the official release.

Bhatt extended his thanks to Pahlaj Nihalani who considered their psychological comfort and didn’t create a problem in citing protocols for releasing the certificate for the film.

Varun Dhawan hasn’t had a successful outing with Dilwale. The film was expected to be the comeback film for the Shah Rukh Khan- Kajol pairing, but it didn’t do much for the box office.

Varun Dhawan who is currently on tour in the US spoke about his expectations from Dishoom. He said that given that Dilwale didn’t do well, he was under a lot of pressure before Dishoom released.

Dhawan said that while Dilwale did well when it comes to finances, the audience clearly didn’t lap it up. Dhawan said that he pays keen interest on all those who criticize his work since it helps him to learn from his mistakes. There were numerous cine-goers who didn’t like his performance in Dilwale, and Varun Dhawan decided to give his all to make his performance in Dishoom count.

Dhawan wants to be a commercially viable actor while also being someone who entertains his audience, and Dishoom is going to make sure that he reaches that sweet spot. Dhawan made it very clear that he wants to be a bankable actor while ensuring that his films aren’t brainless entertainers. He is always going to go for sensible films that evoke a reaction.

Dishoom is Dhawan’s foray into an action movie. Before this, he has tried his hand in romance and comedy. Varun Dhawan wants to be a versatile actor and with Dishoom he has started pushing the envelope.

After Dishoom, Dhawan is looking forward to trying out his hand in horror and sci-fi. He spoke about his upcoming venture, Badrinath Ki Dulhania.