Bad Moms Is Definitely What Every Mom Needs To Watch on A Saturday Night With A Tub Of Popcorn And A Well Deserved Break

Bad Moms, starring Mila Kevins, Kristen Bell, and Kathryn Hahn premiered on July 19 2016 in New York City, and was theatrically released on July 29 2016 by STX Entertainment. It has been critically acclaimed, and the reviews are not so bad either.

Don’t just come to the conclusion that the movie title is about Moms who are irresponsible or have detracted; it’s actually quite the opposite if the plot is to be taken into consideration.

While some reviews have been good and upfront, most of the reviews have described the movie as the myths and montages revolving around the fact that if a person, specifically a “mom”, goes out to party, smoke, and drink relentlessly, then “bad” is supposedly the apt title for them.

Looks like the movie has been a perfect, predictable plot from start to end. An overworked mother (Amy), two teen children, their school stress, a failing marriage, and a devil witch opponent (Gwendolyn) to fight on a daily basis. Pretty predictable, wouldn’t you say?

The plot seems to kick around during a certain PTA meeting where the pressure of all the people around – be it Amy’s children, work or even the devil witch, Gwendolyn – seem to overwhelm her. There comes the point from where she finally takes off.

The only unique part of the plot was Amy finding a love interest and standing to fight Gwendolyn for the president post. The rest is left up to the audience’s predictability.

And where else does a frustrated person go other than a pub? That’s where Amy befriends yet two other “troubled with their life” moms, Kiki (Kristen Bell) and Carla (Kathryn Hahn). That’s where the series of letting go of their old demeanour starts.

Critics have also pointed out the very odd and off-putting fact of Mila Kunis laughing at the end of every scene; yes, EVERY SINGLE one of them. As much as laughing is considered a remedy, in this case it’s gravely frustrating and off-putting.

One of the only positive things pointed out in the movie was probably the pacing of it. Even though nothing of particular note happens in a clip, at least the pace can be given a bit of appreciation. And what better way to include humor and the “cool” vibe other than adding a few curse words here and there to the conventional statements.

While the film’s reviews might not be that favorable and positive, a movie review site MovieGuide which gives out reviews from a Christian perspective stated in their latest review that Bad Mom is indeed awful for the moms and their parenthood.

Seems like what was intended as a little fun in the movie has upset some people. While the movie revolves around moms who are burdened with work and seeking an escape, this review site sure has got their knickers twisted in a knot.

Apparently, according to them, the movie leaves behind a negative impact in the minds of the mothers who are watching it, and that is probably not a very good idea. Looks like, according to them, a night out in a pub being drunk and cussing people is forbidden for Moms.

And it doesn’t stop there with just the review. Apparently, this review site last month even launched a petition against the film, encouraging their avid readers to accompany them to “Stop Hollywood from Attacking Motherhood.”

Are you an admirer of the witty Wanda Sykes and her on-point punches? If so you are sure to indulge in this movie, even if only to watch her appear as a marriage counsellor for Amy (Mila Kunis) and Mike (David Walton) to save their already crumbling marriage.