Bad Moms Is Definitely What Every Mom Needs To Watch on A Saturday Night With A Tub Of Popcorn And A Well Deserved Break

Although a therapist is supposed to mend the cracks through the relationship, that may not be the case when the therapist is Wanda Sykes. You can never get enough of her wit with the perfect comic timing and the flawless poker-faced expressions; I challenge you to try it!

While some critics and reviewers seem to be offended by the “unorthodox” portrayal of motherhood, when put to the general public, be it of any age, mothers especially had a different take on the movie.

Many mothers did put forth their interest and positive view on the message the movie entailed. They seem to agree on the fact that every mother deserves a bit of “freedom” every once in a while.

In the prevalent “male-dominated comedy film industry”, an all girl’s cast, with “moms” cussing out, making sexual jokes and innuendos, and spiralling out from the increasing pressure of this competitive world is what might be the main point to grab the audience’s attention.

What are your thoughts on the movie Bad Moms? Are you a mom? Do you agree that even mothers need and deserve a break every once in a while? Let us know your thoughts and views in the comment section below. Stay hooked for more news and updates.