The Bachelor 2016 Is On A Roll With Dumping And Bailing, Series Of Heartbreaks And Proposals, Watch Out Who Wins Over Richie’s Heart

Who doesn’t love dating and who doesn’t like a good controversial reality TV show? Well, add the two together and you have the Bachelor.

Getting dumped obviously doesn’t feel that good. It looks like Kiera Maguire, an ex-contestant from The Bachelor, turned bitter pretty quickly after being dumped on the show by bachelor Richie Strahan.

An hour before the entire happening, Kiera was pretty confident with the yoga date she and Richie were going on. She gushed over how obvious the fact was that she and Richie were attracted to each other. Yet just an hour later the picture changed entirely.

It was clearly evident how unsatisfying and awkward the yoga date was from the start, and Richie even stated that he came prepared with a mind to make a very big decision. Following the “date,” he couldn’t hold back the “dumping” till the rose ceremony.

To clarify his objective, Richie said that he is looking for a girl who is going to try and have fun in a situation and be jovial and outgoing, not someone who seemed dissatisfied when they had “group dates.”

Even though Kiera says that she completely understands and supports Richie’s decision, she further states her wish to ride it out a little longer in the show and witness what would have happened.

When talked to after the “dumping”, Kiera shares her view that she was too good for this situation, and that the other contestants are rather incorrigible. Seemingly in an attempt to save face, she states that she is glad that she is out of that house but still wishes Richie to “see the light”.

While Kiera was dumped on a one-on-one date, it looks like karma hit Richie with a truck. Another contestant on The Bachelor Australia, Megan Marx bailed out on the bachelor when Richie went to present the rose to her, and she declined.

Even though Megan was counted as one of the front-runners, it looks like it was not meant to be, as the contestant politely declined from accepting the rose from Richie and just walked out of the show.

In a recent interview with PopSugar, Megan made sure to let everyone know that it was not any bad blood, but simply that she just doesn’t feel the connection. She further stated that this was just not going to happen for her.

When asked about her plans, she said that she is pretty excited to get back to her old life again because she misses her work and the place she stayed, so just a pretty normal future is what lies ahead for her.

Megan very earnestly wishes Alex to win because she was pretty close to her, but she also implies that Rachael is a pretty front runner to look out for.

While tough rifts are crossed in the present season, executive producer Mike Fleiss has stated that he will soon make the official announcement about the New Bachelor on his twitter page, and not via any televised announcements or press release.

Over a span of time, Mike has tended to leave tweets here and there with the hashtag #The Bachelor and #WHoWillItBe? Hinting to the audiences about who the upcoming Bachelor is going to be.


While Mike’s tweets have ranged from “Cupid” to “He’s very handsome! And he like sunrises more than sunsets” and a more different array of tweets alongside it, audiences are still on the toll with the guessing game.

People have tried to pick up hints, and many speculations have led to thinking that Military veteran Luke Bell can be a possible future Bachelor who the girls would have to woo. But at this stage everything is mere speculation.