Quadrilateral Cowboy Brings In A Thrilling Game Of Heist Based On Strings Of Commands, Players Can Play The Game Multiple Times, Blendo Games Addressing Glitches

Typing out commands while playing a video game might sound a bit tedious, but then Quadrilateral Cowboy makes sure that you get over this soon. Blendo Games has come out with a new puzzle solving game that has a narration but no voice.

The Quadrilateral Cowboy turns you into a hacker with a lot of technology at your disposal. The laptop that you are sitting on is your key to creating and destroying everything in the game.

Wired reported that the Quadrilateral Cowboy is a game that is not very big and is focused on the things at hand. It doesn’t linger on for long and is precise. The game is thrilling, and while the players do not take long to finish the whole game, the game is so intense that its effect lingers on for a while.

The game opens with a computer program that has been designed by the protagonist of the game. The Heist Planner is a program that will simulate worlds and plan out heists.

The player has to get into this world and come out of it with the help of a large number of gadgets. The players have at their disposal a hacking robot called Weevil, which is a tin can with legs that carries a data jack.

If players want to enter a locked room where there is no clear ingress point, they will have to let in the weevil. The closed circuit TV that is there with the player streams the visuals of the weevil, and the computer is used to enter commands that the weevil executes to secure the room. The weevil on reaching the security jack located on the other side of the room plugs it in, and the player can enter the room easily.

In spite of being a puzzle game, Quadrilateral Cowboy doesn’t have the structure of a formalized puzzle. A majority of the puzzle games available in the market use skill escalation in every level; where every stage teaches the players skills that they will require at a later stage. When the players reach the final stages of the game, they will find that they need to use each of the skills that they have acquired so far.

Things are a little different in Quadrilateral Cowboy. The game uses skill escalation, but the later stages of the game are very different from the earlier stages. Some of the skills that the players have acquired in the earlier levels might do them well, but then they mostly have to rely on the gadgets that are available to them, and these aren’t similar to the ones that they have used before.

While the later stages are more complex than the earlier ones, there isn’t a linear growth in the difficulty level when it comes to Quadrilateral Cowboy. The players keep on amassing gadgets, but there are levels when they aren’t required to use any of the gadgets that are there at their disposal.

The toys and gadgets that the players have at their disposal are part of the success of the game, and as the game progresses, the devices get complicated as well. The players start Quadrilateral Cowboy with a robot dog and then have access to a suitcase rifle. They move on to jump-pad and a rogue team similar to that in Ocean’s Eleven.

Quadrilateral Cowboy, as reported by The Guardian, is solely based on hacking. This is the basic mechanic of the game, and the players will have to get comfortable typing in strings of codes and commands to get into the world of Nuevos Aires.

Those who aren’t good at computer programming needn’t shy away from the game however, since the syntax used for the programs in the game aren’t difficult. They are easy and hardly get complicated.