Quadrilateral Cowboy Brings In A Thrilling Game Of Heist Based On Strings Of Commands, Players Can Play The Game Multiple Times, Blendo Games Addressing Glitches

Players need to learn how to seamlessly put together different commands and to activate a sequence of events, and this is where the real fun of Quadrilateral Cowboy lies.

The timing of the door being opened and the laser gun being fired is satisfying. Getting all the commands to give rise to fruitful action is what makes the game so much fun.

The commands can be fun, but they also add to the growing frustrations that the players feel during the game. According to Polygon, there are moments when the players blast through a door and move forward with the help of a string of commands, only to realize that they have left their deck back in the other room.

This is when they will realize that they have no option to go back. The only possible option is to press F3, which will restart the game.

Blendo Games might be facing some glitches when it comes to the game crashing. However they have delivered on the story front and have created a game with replay-ability.

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