Titanfall 2 Set For Release This October, Developers To Carry Out A Multiplayer Tech Test, Details On The Modes Featured In This Multiplayer Edition

Titanfall 2 of Respawn Entertainment is scheduled for a release on the 28th of October 2016. This doesn’t come as a surprise following a trailer which was released shortly before E3 2016 that revealed quite a few details about the game, including its release date. The trailer was leaked through a live stream test. It brought to light a few secret details about the game and also gave us a look at its single player story mode.

Later during an EA Play press conference, the release date was confirmed by the agency and another trailer was released, this one showing the online capabilities of Titanfall 2.

In an interview with the lead writer Jesse Stern, it was revealed by him that even though Titanfall started as an Xbox exclusive release, it will be made available across other platforms as well. This was recently confirmed by EA, who announced that the game would be accessible on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC as well via Origin.

During the EA Play press conference of the Titanfall reveal, a few more details were disclosed. The single player campaign is crafted to dive deeper into the Titanfall universe. This will be done by exploring the bond that is between pilot and Titan.

The game will also feature six new Titans with particular combat skills, along with greater pilot capabilities. It will provide better character customization choices, and offer more ways to progress through the multiplayer section of the game.

Publisher Electronics Arts announced on the 16th of August that Respawn Entertainment is going to run an open multiplayer tech test for the first person shooter over the two weekends in August.

The test has commenced from this weekend on Friday the 19th of August, and will continue until Sunday the 21st of August. The purpose of this tech test is to allow the players try a new feature called Networks. This is apparently Titanfall 2’s version of clans.

The game is playable in two modes and two maps. The first mode is called Bounty Hunt; this is a five-on-five offering. In this mode, the two teams are pitted off against each other as well as the Remnant Fleet. They must deposit their points at the bank between waves and try to stay alive, for there is a 50% penalty for dying.

The second mode on which players get to try their hands is Pilots vs. Pilots. This puts two teams of eight men against each other without their Titans. The two featuring modes are playable on the maps Boomtown and Homestead.

The tech test for Titanfall 2 will return the following weekend for another round from August 26 to August 28. The above-mentioned content will still be playable then. Respawn Entertainment, however, will add one more mode and another map.

This new mode will be a Six-on-six Amped Hardpoint. This Amped Hardpoint mode is a take on the Hardpoint Domination mode of Titanfall. This mode will allow teams to double their score if they can amp a hardpoint while trying to defend it.

According to Polygon, the new map in the second weekend will be called Forward Base Kodai.
There is a sad catch to this news, though, for both of these tech tests will be available only on PS4 and Xbox One only, and not Windows PC.

The reason behind such a decision, explained Respawn Entertainment, is that it is worried about PC players unearthing campaign spoilers. The company also said that it is still working on making the game support various hardware configurations.