Movie Hangout Stuff Pack Releases Next Week for The Sims 4, New Tips and Tricks to Successfully Achieve Your New Year Resolutions!

In real life, losing weight can be really difficult but EA mentions that in Sims 4, you only need to purchase a treadmill and use it a few times every week. At the same time, you can keep snacking on pizza and ice-creams. However, in the end, you can say hello to some gorgeous looking Sims.

Starting your family can be a pretty monumental step. It pertains to lots of preparations along with various aspects of one’s life. However, in the game you only need to worry about whether you should click the Try for Baby Button or not. Getting a baby in Sims 4 is typically as easy as re-organizing your home. When you think about it in real life, things can get really tedious.

Thanks to EA, it’s quite easy in the game. At the same time, a lot of you wish to get promoted this year. That is really quite difficult to achieve, not to mention you need to hit precise spots in order to make it happen.

However, in the world of Sims, all you need to do is level up your Charisma and be friendly to other Sims in order to get that job. In real life, if you want to read more this new year, there are loads of distractions to keep you busy! In Sims, you can get really focused on reading a book and it will help you learn a lot while reflecting on your stats.

Stay tuned for more updates on The Sims 4!