Movie Hangout Stuff Pack Releases Next Week for The Sims 4, New Tips and Tricks to Successfully Achieve Your New Year Resolutions!

The second for The Sims 4 released around a month ago and Sims players have been pretty busy building the new world of Windenburg. Sims are having fun visiting the ruins, hanging out at Clubs, trying out new Walk-in closets and much more.

However, it seems that the developers of Sims 4 were pretty hard at work in order to bring forth another expansion pack. The fifth stuff pack was announced on the official site recently and what’s more, it will be added in the game next week!

The Movie Hangout Stuff pack is actually targeted towards players who wish to bring a movie night to their Sims. The Stuff pack comes with color new items along with décor. The decidedly Bohemian flair has been introduced to clothes and furniture.

In the recently released trailer, the new items and clothes can be previewed. There are various other things included with the new furniture like a new comfortable seating, a potted plant along with new drapes.

There is also a new cushion seat which can be used by a Sim for the purpose of enjoying a new movie. Keep in mind that the Movie Hangout Stuff pack will not introduce anything big like grandiose features or a new neighborhood to the game. Instead, like other Stuff packs before, it will come with a few new objects that can be used by Sims during gameplay.

These objects include the popcorn popper along with the movie projector screen. The giant screen should be perfect for watching a few movies while the popcorn popper will allow a Sim to cook his favorite popcorn.

This could be cheddar, butter, kettle or caramel. Keep in mind that the new projector screen doesn’t only come with a large surface but it also includes a few new movies as well.

With the new projector screen, Sims will be able to watch 10 new movies belonging to the genres, romance, horror, family, action and comedy. If the player owns this pack, the movies will also appear on other televisions owned by the Sims.

The Movie Hangout Stuff Pack will release on 12th January. The downloadable packs for The Sims 4 are quite frequent, thanks to the developers.

There are three types of packs that can be purchased by the players. Through these packs, players can create unique Sims, homes and neighborhoods. There are major gameplay changes along with new objects and items added with the awesome expansion packs.

Compared to the expansion packs, game packs come with a little less merchandise but offer more items or features compared to a stuff pack. In Stuff packs, you will see a couple of items that can be used by the Sims.

You need a lot of time and pain to bring your New Year’s Resolutions to life but you can compensate for it in The Sims 4, where it is not too difficult to achieve various life goals like staying fit or getting rich.

Your dramatic lifestyle can be changed in a moment and EA has further detailed some great ways through which you can take advantage of some nifty cheats, tips and tricks.

People need hard work, luck and talent in order to go from rags to riches but it is a different story when it comes to the Sims players. They simple need to key in ‘motherlode’ in the right place in order to become as well reinforced as they could have ever imagined.