Mortal Kombat X: New Trailer Released for Kombat Pack 2, Expansion Pack to Bring a Host of Other Elements to The Game Alongside the New Characters!

Apparently, the developers are currently looking into the possibilities of adding characters to the game like Michael Myers from Halloween and Terminator from the renowned movie franchise of the same name.

No specific details have been divulged by the developers regarding the price tag that the upcoming expansion pack will come with. However, keeping its amount of content in mind and the price of the previous DLC which was $30, it could be assumed that Kombat Pack will be anything but cheap.

In other news, the Kombat Pack 2 might get tied up with a live action series of Mortal Kombat. The live action series in question is Mortal Kombat Generations.

The rumors of a tie-up between the characters of Kombat Pack 2 and this live action series started when the director of the series, Garret Warren revealed that the live action series is set to make its debut early in the current year.

The Kombat Pack 2 is set to make an appearance at around the same time and this has led fans into assuming that there might be a possibility that the expansion pack will be tied into the live action series. However, there has been no confirmation from any official sources in this regard.

Stay tuned for more update on Mortal Kombat X.