Interesting Ways to Die In Minecraft, Minecraft Rip-Off Skyrockets To Top 5 Positions on App Store While a Working Submarine Is Achieved!

There are many ways in which you can die in Minecraft and most of these deaths are pretty amazing in nature. Check out the five most interesting ways in which you can die in Minecraft. You can enjoy death by The Ghast.

The Ghast is a floating mob which hangs around the Nether. They look quite cuddly and cute and there are many located in the game. The problem is that on contrary to how they look, they are quite viscous.

They will start throwing fireballs at you and instantly turn from cute to deadly.  Moreover, the voice is pure Evil as well. You can also die by TNT. This rather explains itself but keep in mind that it will kill a lot of other people at the same time. Gamers who are new to the game and not cautious enough end up learning it the hard way.

You cannot try to escape the TNT as you will find it everywhere. This is a particularly amazing way to kill a newbie! One of the most horrible ways to die is from drowning. Minecraft answered something for all gamers: It is the fact that you cannot breathe underwater.

Keep in mind that this is not Super Mario Bros and trying to breathe underwater isn’t going to work. Your breath meter will run out if you stay underwater for too long and you will die.

Similar to not being able to breath underwater, you are also not allowed to fly. You will fall from a certain height, you will perish and this answers your question whether you can be a Superman in this game.

Therefore, before you climb up a particularly high building, keep in mind that if you fall off it, you are sure to meet your maker, or in this case Mojang, 4J Studios or Microsoft Studios, whatever. The Enderdragon can also kill you. For one thing, this boss is pretty mean and dangerous!

The Enderdragon will kill you and while he does it, he will savor the moment. In order to come face to face with this dragon, you will need to go through special conditions but once you do, prepare to witness some nightmares. He has an amazing amount of health, his breath is pretty ridiculous and by making use of Ender crystals, he can regenerate his health.

Meanwhile, in the App Store, Minecraft Pocket Edition 2 managed to stay around for several weeks. It stayed there long enough to fool Microsoft-frenzied IOS users to install them and this made it climb up Apple’s charts and secure the number four spot.

In the end, someone finally clued in to the fact that this was not an official release. If you want to know, the app’s name was not the only clue that it was hogwash. Scott Cawthorn was the name of the developer and if that isn’t suspicious, I don’t know what is.

He is quite much busy printing money with his Five Nights at Freddy’s Games along with charity donations, to bother building a Minecraft ripoff. However, it seems like if you put the right name on an application and provide a familiar looking dev on it, filling up that trap won’t take too long.

Viktor Todorov is the real name of the guy behind PE2, as discovered by Eurogamer. His name was found on the game’s copyright screen.

Meanwhile, the engineering in Minecraft has reached an amazing feat. Apparently, a working submarine has been developed. Keep in mind that it might look more like a worm and it is even partly made up of slime blocks. However, it is underwater and it manages to keep you dry.