Mortal Kombat X: New Character from Upcoming DLC to be Showed Off at ESL Finals, And More

There has been missed reactions from fans regarding the list of characters that will come with Kombat Pack 2. While the two characters originally form the Mortal Kombat universe, Bo Rai Cho and Tri-Borg have garnered positive reactions from fans, the same cannot be said for the other two, Leatherface and Xenomorph who are actually guest characters from the Hollywood world.

Leatherface is a villainous character from the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” franchise and Xenomorph is leaping into Mortal Kombat X straight from the “Alien” movies.

These two characters have received poor reactions compared to the other two and fans are especially disappointed at the inclusion of Leatherface in Kombat Pack 2.

Various forums are reflecting that fans are showing least interest in this character and are of the opinion that some other better character could have been incorporated into the game in place of Leatherface.

Brian Chard, the director of NetherRealm Studios stated that the decision to include Leatherface was taken jointly by a number of members of the developmental team of the expansion pack along with some representatives of Warner Bros. Studios.

Stay tuned for more update on Mortal Kombat X.