Apple iPad Air 3: Host of Upgrades Planned for the Device, Expected to Launch in March 2016, And More

Apple is yet to announce or launch an upgraded version of the iPad Air this year, which means that the chances are ripe for the Apple iPad Air 3 to hit the shelves sometime this year. Even though Apple had announced the iPad Pro alongside the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, the iPad Pro arrived a few months after the iPhone twins had arrived. However, there was no sign on the iPad Air at any of those events, and that was surprising!

The fans were beginning to wonder whether Apple was even considering selling the iPad Air 3 when another batch of rumors hit the market! According to the latest speculations, Apple is gearing up to launch the iPad Air 3 in 2016, which has got the fans back on tenterhooks!

Apple plans to launch the iPad Air 3 towards the first half of the year, and many believe that the device will be unveiled at an event in March, where Apple is also expected to roll out a slew of other devices such as the second-generation Apple Watch, 2016 MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and the iPad Air 3.

The major question to have risen is whether Apple has made any major changes to the iPad Air 3,since according to a prior report, Apple was not very keen on launching the iPad Air 3 anytime soon, since there were no major upgrades compared to the iPad Air 2.

Apple believes that an upgraded device should feature a few revolutionary changes at least, or else, there is no point in coming up with multiple generations of the same product. The iPad Air 2 was flawless, hence, improving something that is already near perfect is a difficult task at the least.

Apple knows that the customers are aware of every little upgrade that a device holds. Hence, there is no point in trying to fool the users by selling them old technology for a hiked price. Samsung was the biggest casualty of the customer’s wrath last year when they launched the Galaxy S5 with similar features as the Galaxy S4, which nearly caused the company to go bankrupt.

Another casualty of the customer’s wrath was the HTC One M9, which also failed to impress the customers. HTC suffered major losses at the stock market with the company on the verge of going bankrupt.

Apple loyalists have a lot of expectations from the iPad Air 3,including quite a few internal upgrades. Customers want Apple to use the A9 chipset, found in the iPhone 6S and the 6S Plus in the iPad Air 3. The A9X chip would be even more appreciated, although, Apple is yet to announce what they plan on using in the end.

Even though Apple has no plans of improving the pixel density or resolution of the iPad Air 3, they will improve the quality of the display in the upcoming device. According to an individual study it has been found that the display on the iPad Air 2 was far inferior to the ones used in the iPad Pro and the iPad Mini Pro.

The major problem with the display is that it lacks in color depth, temperature and accuracy. Hence, it will be hardly surprising if Apple launches a more efficient and color accurate display. Apple is also likely to increase the built-in memory of the device from 2GB to 3GB, although, the iPad Air 3 is unlikely to feature any major upgrades to the FaceTime or the camera app.