Apple iPad Air 3: Host of Upgrades Planned for the Device, Expected to Launch in March 2016, And More

The built-in 16 GB version is also expected to be accompanied by a larger memory version of the device. Preferably a 64 or 128 GB version. Apple is also likely to borrow the wireless technology found on the iPad Air 2 and implement those in the upcoming tablet, since the capabilities were quite enhanced. Design-wise the iPad Air 3 is unlikely to boast of any major differences,since the 6.1 mm design on the iPad Air 2 was sleek and lightweight.

Most of the upgrades are expected in the fields of hardware and software capabilities of the device. Hence, performance-wise the Apple iPad Air 3 should feature a phenomenal upgrade compared to its predecessor, although, the extent of the upgrades is currently unavailable.

Apple is expected to make a formal announcement regarding the iPad Air 3 earlier next year and we will bring you the updated info as and when that happens. For now, you need to bear with us and speculate on the possible upgrades.

As far as the camera is concerned, the Apple iPad Air 3 is likely to sport the same 8MP primary camera that is found on the iPhone 6S. We have heard no rumors on the secondary camera.

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