Halo 5: Guardians: Latest Update Brings Back Coveted Forge Mode, New Weapons and Armor Sets Added to the Title, And More

Halo 5: Guardians was released by Microsoft Studios on 27th October 2015 for the Xbox One platform. The game is developed by 343 Industries and it falls under the genre of first-person shooting action video games.

Recent announcements from the developer of the game, 343 Industries state that the game is set to receive REQ items and enhanced customization feature for the reworked Forge Mode. The above aspects will be added to the game through a free update.

The update will also work towards addressing various bugs and errors in the game. The Forge Mode was not available at launch which had earlier disappointed some fans.

The Forge Mode allows the creation of multiplayer maps by players themselves. A variety of pre-defined tools are at the players’ disposal using which they can create any types of maps that they want.

The latest update will bring this content creator mode back to the game which is definitely good news for the fans. Along with this, the update will bring along some other aspects like new weapons and armor sets. New assassinations will also be added to the game through the patch.

This update which is being called The Cartographer’s Gift will also come packed with four new maps. The maps to come with The Cartographer’s Gift are- a Warzone map called The Battle of Noctus, Overgrown, which is an Arena map and two Big Team battle maps called Entombed and Antifreeze.

The update will bring in the M41 SSR rocket launcher to the game.  Fondly called the SPNKr gun by fans, it has made previous appearances in the Halo franchise. The weapon will be available in the multiplayer arenas of the game.

Along with the weapon, the Mark IV helmet will be made available to players, which they will be able to equip on their Spartan. New weapon skins sporting black and golden colors will also be broth forth by the update which can be used by players to customize their weapons.

The FFA playlist will be reduced from 8 to 6 players after the update is applied to the game. The matchmaking ping time will be enhanced and the quality of gameplay under network conditions will be boosted and a custom game option for Machinima controls will be incorporated into the game through the update.

The update is currently available online and will be automatically downloaded once a player logs into the game.

The Forge Mode has been reworked and fans are set to experience a brand new version of the content creation mode in Halo 5: guardians once the patch is applied. The items and vehicles that players will earn in the REQ packs will be made available to Forge in the future.

The new Forge will grant access to players to over 1700 objects, real light sources, fixtures, colors of primary, secondary and tertiary nature. A total 64 objects can be selected and edited at the same time by players. Creation of groups has also been made easy and now they can be created by the press of a single button.

The controls of the Forge Mode cannot be altered by players and thus they will surely take some time to get themselves fully accustomed to all the inputs. The complex nature of the new Forge Mode has resulted in fans requesting for a detailed tutorial of the said mode which would provide them with an in-depth guidance around the corners of the reworked mode.

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