Dance Moms Season 6: Trailer Hints at Drama, Ziegler Rumored to Quit the Show, Abby Breaks Down, And More

Dance Moms Season 6 is one of the most popular series and it has garnered enough attention even before the new season has hit the television screen. According to Christian Post the new trailer for Dance Moms Season 6 has been released and that has created a major buzz.

The trailer hints at the prime incidents of Season 6 and given the lineup, it is sure to be a season full on drama and excitement. There are instances depicting Abby Lee Miller’s case against her fraudulent practices and reference to an incident on pornography.

There were a lot of rumors circulating about whether Maddie Ziegler is going to be back for the latest season since she wasn’t seen around the set even after the first few episodes. Maddie had been very busy working on her very first Hollywood venture, The Book of Henry, where the star dancer spends screen space with Naomi Watts. Maddie had been very busy with her shooting schedule and was on a hiatus from Dance Moms Season 6.

The latest rumor doing the round is that Maddie Ziegler is set to leave Dance Moms Season 6. Maddie is a star dancer and had won a lot of accolades for the Abby Lee Dance Company. She seems to have made a mark as an actor as well since she is going to focus on her Hollywood career from now on.

Maddie had been a part of the series since day one along with her mother Melissa Gisoni, but there are rumors suggesting that she will not be a part of it for very long. Us Weekly reported that Maddie Ziegler is going to leave the Lifetime reality show about young dancers, after the completion of the Dance Moms Season 6.

Maddie won over the hearts of the viewers with her dance performance and she became the favorite dancer for the viewers as well as the instructor of her dance troupe Abby Lee Miller. Ziegler got her stardom with Dance Moms, but now that she had gotten a chance to be a part of Hollywood, she has decided to move on.

The Book of Henry wasn’t Maddie Ziegler’s first venture into acting. The young dancer had made her first foray into the world of acting in 2012 with her role in the series Drop Dead Diva. She had played the role of the main protagonist Deb, in her younger days.

She had since then been the guest star in Pretty Little Liars and Austin & Ally. By the time she had acted in these series, she had already made her mark as a dancer and was invited to perform in shows like Saturday Night Live, Dancing with the Stars and The Ellen DeGeneres show.

Maddie Ziegler also went on to star in music videos for Sia, particular in her Big Girls Cry and Elastic Heart. Ziegler is also going to be a part of Sia’s next movie Alive.

Given the kind of exposure that Maddie Ziegler had gotten, it is but obvious that she is going to move on from the world of dancing. She has seen the bigger picture and stardom at a very young age and is keener on focusing on life beyond Dance Moms.

On other news from the world of Dance Moms Season 6, there are reports suggesting that Abby Lee Miller in spite of all her efforts couldn’t keep her legal cases away from the show. Reports has it that Abby Lee Miller, the owner of the Abby Lee Dance Company has a breakdown regarding her legal cases.