Mods to be Released on the Xbox One via Fallout 4 Update, Features and Settlements of Far Harbor Explored!

Longfellow’s cabin is the first settlement that you will come across in Fallout 4. It is located north of Far Harbor but you can easily get there. You will soon find Old Longfellow and he is a part of the quest line.

You better stock up on crops along with some electrical stuff. You will need to set up a radio beacon in order to establish a supply line with the mainland.

The settlement features a nice layout. It will be tough to gain access to Dalton’s Farm settlement. In Far Harbor, you must complete a few missions for Cassie in order to obtain the Blood Tide quest, which eventually leads you to Dalton’s Farm.

You need to dispatch a nasty Fog Crawler for this. Dalton’s farm is simply like Longfellow’s cabin but without the cabin. In terms of scavenged resources, there isn’t much to see here.

You will find a wood a lot of rubber in the beachfront. On the western side of Far Harbor, you will find the Echo Lake Lumber Settlement. You need to kill some ghouls and talk to Small Bertha. This place has a lot of steel and wood in order to cover building costs.

Mitch the bartender will give you a quest named The Hold Out and it will lead you to The National Park Visitor’s Center. It is not as big or thrilling as Echo Lake Lumber.

If you are thinking about mods, well one million of them were downloaded on PC within a matter of two weeks after the launcher and Creation Kit went live.

Stay tuned for more updates on Fallout 4!