Mods to be Released on the Xbox One via Fallout 4 Update, Features and Settlements of Far Harbor Explored!

People who wish to spend some more time in the Boston Wastelands will love the fact that new mod support will be launched by Bethesda on PS4 and Xbox One. The new features will be released on 31st May for Fallout 4 on Xbox One and a new teaser has already been supplied by Microsoft.

It will first arrive on the Xbox One and also, this is the first time that mods will be released on consoles. A loading order is used in the new mod system.

It works with stacking mods in such a manner that they function together. Mod beta access has already been granted to a few lucky fans. This is also a chance for the fans to smooth out any issues before it finally launches at the end of the week.

Larry Hryb of Xbox spoke more on this subject and told fans that many of the mods provided by Creation Kit, will be forwarded to Xbox One console and this will allow Fallout 4 players to enjoy new features created by the community.

A new update will soon be released for Fallout 4. The game’s main menu will receive the new Fallout 4 mod option and moreover, fans will be given direct access to mods that are available on

During a recent company livestream, it was revealed that mods for PS4 will soon be added through an update. Some of the new stats for mod characteristics have already been unveiled by the studio, during the Twitch event.

Achievements will be disabled and it will be a 2GB size for consoles. Meanwhile, mods using DLC content will need Wasteland Workshop and Automatron installed. Players will have to choose to link up and their Fallout 4 game, before downloading any mods.

It was further confirmed that after a new mod is installed, a save will be created. In this manner, if it somehow corrupts, you can always go back to the original data.

Recently, Fallout 4 received its first major expansion named Far Harbor and it come with a huge new area added to the game. It introduces new characters, weapons, enemies and quests. It all begins with a simple missing person case which you receive from the secretary of Nick Valentine.

The synthetic detective is hired by the family in order to find their young daughter Kasumi and that’s where the ride begins. It is found that Kasumi has been talking to a stranger on CB Radio and she finally decides to meet this stranger on Far Harbor.

Her mom thinks that Kasumi simply wished to go away while her dad thinks that she was kidnapped. Sadly, the truth is a lot more complicated.

The expansion takes place out of Commonwealth, far away from post-apocalyptic Boston. You use a boat to travel to the island but you can always come back to the mainland using fast travel.

In the beginning, it feels like a completely different place.Far Harbor features a horror-movie setting with its radioactive fog. At night, you can hardly see a few feet in front of you. In PS4, this tends to mess up with the game’s frame rate. You need to take a daily dose of costly Rad-X pills in order to stop from poisoning yourself.