Benjen Stark Returns In Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 6, Did It Just Confirm The Fan Theory Involving Coldhands? Let’s See

In the latest episode of Game of Thrones, a lot of characters from the past were re-introduced. In case you are unfamiliar with the books, it is possible that you have forgotten who they are. For instance, House Tully is an important noble family located in Westeros.

Their family seat is Riverrun and they rule over the Riverlands. Their coat of arms, also known as a sigil, is a silver trout on a white and red background. Their words are “family, duty, honor”.

Ned Stark’s wife, Caitlyn, was a Tully and her house was key supporters of Rob Stark in the War of the Five Kings. Brynden Tully is Lisa, Edmure and Caitlyn Tully’s uncle. Hoster Tully was his elder brother and Caitlyn’s father and was also the Lord of Riverrun.

He was an excellent battle commander and a dangerous warrior. He had a quick temper and cultivated strong opinions. Brynden is often called ‘The Blackfish’. It is a nickname he earned due to his strong refusal of disagreeing to any marriage proposals suggested by his brother. When a person quipped that he was the Black sheep of the family, Brynden retorted saying that he was a fish and not a sheep.

Moreover, Black Fish is the sigil of House Tully and therefore, the name stuck. The last time Game of Thrones audience ever saw Blackfish was during the horrific Red Wedding in season three, when he had gone away from the feast in order to relieve himself by a tree. The bloodshed commenced when he was outside.

Walder Frey and Roose Bolton were quite concerned about it. The entire massacre was planned by them in order to kill Robb Stark along with his military commanders. Among them, Blackfish was the most experienced one. Blackfish managed to rally the remaining Tully forces and Riverrun, his family house, was recaptured.

Brienne of Tarth was sent by Sansa Stark to Riverrun in order to meet him and try to ensure his support for taking back Winterfell and rescuing her small brother, Rickon Stark. You remember seeing a guy held in chains by Walder Frey. Well, he was Edmure Tully, Caitlyn Stark’s brother. Since the death of his father, Hoster Tully, he is technically the rightful Lord of Riverrun. It was during the wedding when Robb became the victim of a gruesome massacre.

Edmure decided to marry Roslin, Walder Frey’s daughter in order to mollify Frey, who was disgruntled about Robb breaking his promise of marrying his daughter. As it was revealed in the latest episode, Edmure Tully is alive but not really well. From the looks of it, Edmure has been spending his married life, chained in a dungeon.

Meanwhile, a major fan theory was confirmed in the latest episode of Game of Thrones, titled Blood of my Blood. Uncle Benjen, Ned Stark’s missing brother, decided to re-appear in this episode, saving Bran and Meera from the White Walkers. In season 1, he set out on a mission north of the wall but never returned.

It was believed that he was turned into one of the reanimated dead bodies, also known as a wight. Well, he’s wight but also sane and has all his memories at the same time. He is an important character who keeps disappearing but he was quite important during the first episodes. David Benioff explained that it was one of the major mysteries out there and the showrunners were looking for a way to bring him back.