A Review of Hitman Episode 3, Taking out Targets in Marrakesh!

Hitman’s Episode 3 begins like any other previous episodes. In a short intro video, you notice the promise of a huge and diverse map to be explored and further dropped into a level with various paths to be taken. Gamers get the illusion that dozens of hours can be put into this level itself while waiting for the next to arrive.

However, after you spend some time exploring it, you will realize that it is simply more of just the same. Overall, Episode 3 will make a great game just like the earlier 2 episodes.

All of them offer intricate maps with many different ways in which the targets can be taken. Sadly, once you string all the episodes together, they feel more like the same.

Keep in mind that each episode offers its own distinct levels but the gameplay remains the same in almost all of them. Due to this, the game becomes too easy and the enemies remain quite unrealistic.

They won’t hear a fist-fight taking place, simply yards away but due to some obscure reason, they will easily identify you from miles away, even when you are wearing a disguise.

Thanks to the smart release structure, a lot of this has gone unnoticed. Hitman would be a complete disaster if it wasn’t an episodic game and was released together.

Like earlier episodes, Hitman Episode 3 had similar issues like unrealistic AI but it does manage to offer a few hours of solid gameplay. Game modes like Contracts will add more time and further fix the difficulty problem.

If you judge this episode completely on what it offers, the end result would be quite impressive. The map offers many different ways in which the objective can be approached.

The game was primarily bug-free besides a few fps drops. Moreover, the cut scene shown after the mission was a lot more interesting than the previous ones.

You can now take a 360-degree look at Marrakesh in Hitman Episode 3. It is a vast location in episode 3 of Hitman. A 360-degree trailer offers multiple parts of the level which includes the Swedish consulate, the marketplace along with busy streets.

The trailer is 360 degree, which means that you can move around the camera in order to see more than just a single frame. Episode 3 has been released on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and the 360degree trailer is quite exciting.

Hitman: Episode 3 will take six to seven hours to complete but some of the most memorable moments are included in a single minute featuring high-stakes tension.

Episode 3 offers one of these interesting moments when Agent 47needs to disguise himself as a personal masseuse in order to get access to his target who is in a really vulnerable state.

The act takes 60seconds from beginning to end and getting to that point simply takes some error, trial and reloading saves. You need to get him off his cellphone and take him to a location where you can take him out. After that, you need to plan out an inconspicuous way to take him out.

After that, your strategy needs to be timed perfectly so that his body can be dumped and his clothes can be stolen perfectly before the passerby notice anything out-of-the-ordinary. It is simply one of the many possible ways in which you can make this happen. If you played the last episode, you will find episode 3 similar in terms of gameplay.