Paid Advertisements Within Minecraft Have Been Banned, Episode 6 in Story Mode Has Additional Cast Members Along with a Confirmed Release Date!

The developers behind Minecraft have changed its policies regarding other companies being allowed to promote their products using Minecraft. It was possible to make a video, showing a Verizon cellphone but this is currently a thing of the past. Mojang posted a blog titled “Let’s talk about promotions in Minecraft”.

According to the developer, they wish to empower the Minecraft community in order to make money from their creativity but the company is not happy when a product which is unrelated, becomes the purpose of a server or a mod in Minecraft.

The new rules are meant to handle some of these issues. Mojang is primarily calling out ad agencies, politicians and non-profits. All over, the company is putting down the common practice of Minecraft aesthetic being used as a promotional tool.

There are two scenarios which presently got banned. Building a Minecraft server or mod which promotes an unrelated product in playable form is no longer allowed. For instance, in case you own a restaurant chain, you can promote it using a mod depicting your restaurant, built out of Minecraft blocks.

Similarly, one cannot use a Minecraft mod to promote a TV Show or a movie. As a movie studio, people are not allowed to craft a map using Minecraft blocks to make the fictional world in the movie and its characters. Similarly, you cannot release a movie trailer which uses gameplay footage from the mod or map.

Fans can virtually build anything they want in Minecraft. Fans can make anything they want in Minecraft but they cannot take any money from for the person/entity they are building it for. They can simply make money from YouTube by monetizing a particular video.

Recently, a new working cellphone game was built by popular Minecraft streamer Captain Sparklez and Verizon. It was mentioned that the video was sponsored by Verizon.

However, it didn’t clearly declare that there was exchange of money between CaptainS parklez and Verizon. In order to comply with Mojang’s latest policies, the video couldn’t be published anymore.

Besides the release date, Minecraft developers have released a new video showcasing Episode 6. It is made up of YouTubers part of the Minecraft community. They include Joseph Garrett as Stampy Cat, Dan Middleton as DanTDM (The Diamond Minecart), Stacy Hinojosa as Stacy Plays, Jordan Maron as Captain Sparklez and Lizzie Dwyer as LDShadowLady.

According to the storyline, Jesse and his crew have landed on another strange planet and it is completely overrun by zombies. They receive a timely invitation to seek refuge in a scary mansion.

However, they find themselves accompanied by famous members of the Minecraft community and together; they now face a thrilling mystery ahead. Episode 6 is part of the Adventure Pass which can be purchased for $14.99 or equivalent.

Moreover, it includes Episode 6, 7 and 8 when they are released. The episode will be individually available at $4.99 or equivalent. However, players need to own Episode 1 right in this series.

One can also buy the season pass disc in order to get Episodes 6,7 and 8.In the meantime, Minecraft: Story Mode will be digitally available worldwide on 7th June, for PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Mac, PS4 and Xbox One. It will also be released on Apple and Android devices.