Paid Advertisements Within Minecraft Have Been Banned, Episode 6 in Story Mode Has Additional Cast Members Along with a Confirmed Release Date!

Meanwhile, the latest update for Minecraft: Wii U Edition is currently live and available for download. The update will require at least 143 MB of space but detailed patch notes are yet to be revealed.

In the last major update for Mojang’s popular sandbox game for the Wii U platform, came with the Super Mario Mash-Up pack. It included Super Mario-themed skins, item textures, a set of music and a pre-made world. The retail version of Wii U edition of Minecraft is slated to release on 17th June.

In other news, Minecraft is now allowing students to combine education and innovation. Opaheke School is one out of 400 in the world that is participating in the Microsoft Showcase Digital Learning initiative. Microsoft launched this project in order to prepare students for the workplace by making use of latest mobiles, resources and online-tools.

Students in the school are now using Minecraft to help with learning various subjects, as a part of the project. The game needs the students to build their own worlds using 3D materials and objects.

Minecraft has already sold more than 70 million copies worldwide. Students are also using Minecraft for science subjects and literacy where they need to create worlds they are studying about.

Ideas can be visualized in a more concrete way, thanks to Minecraft and Nikkie Lang, Associate principal and programme leader, says that it is more than just entertainment. According to her, digital education is helping students and teachers explore new ideas.

Stay tuned for more updates on Minecraft!