Mission Impossible 6: Mano-A-Mano with Director Christopher McQuarrie, Rebecca Ferguson Roped in for the Second Time!

At the end of the day, if you can keep your head to yourself and have capable people who can do the same, no target is too big and no deadline too small to get something done successfully. Thinking about what the audience would like what they wouldn’t is a huge challenge and viewing the finished product while manufacturing the same, is a tough job!

When asked about the casting process for Rebecca and how she was chosen for therole, McQuarrie said that she was selected from the casting tapes. The process was late and she was chosen while the team was re-checking all the tapes. It was kind of a last minute decision.

When asked about the use of VFX in the upcoming installment, McQuarrie said that even though he is a fan of real action, some aspects just look better with the use of VFX. So, in the perfect world, there should be a balance between the two.

The biggest challenge about filming an action-packed movie is filming the stunt process itself. As a result, extra precautions must be taken, since most of the stunts are performed by the actors themselves, even though stunt experts are needed in certain situation.

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