Mission Impossible 6: Mano-A-Mano with Director Christopher McQuarrie, Rebecca Ferguson Roped in for the Second Time!

The Mission Impossible crew messed with traditions for the first time in the history of the franchise when they decided to bring director Christopher McQuarrie on board for the second time for MI:6.

In order to bring the action-packed cast of Rogue Nation together, Paramount has also recalled Tom Cruise’s co-star Rebecca Ferguson to characterize Ilsa Faust. Apart from Michelle Monaghan’s brief cameo in Ghost Protocol, Rebecca is the official leading lady to be brought back for the second time.

According to a report filed by a popular magazine, Rebecca is signed, sealed and delivered for the next installment of Mission Impossible. This is great news for the cast, since the core team of Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg and VingRhames was missing a permanent leading lady.

Ferguson was the perfect choice for the role of Ilsa, an agent who could both outperform Ethan Hunt and sport a dress with equal élan. In a recent interview McQuarrie revealed one of the many team secrets that were in place.

According to McQuarrie, the one thing that Tom Cruise holds sacred is that Ilsa can never be the lady in distress. She is far too qualified for that. This tradition stared from the days of Emily Blunt in The Age of Tomorrow.

McQuarrie also revealed that Ethan wasn’t trying to catch Ilsa in the motorcycle chase sequence. He was trying to catch the main villain. However, the team had to make a few minor adjustments to the script, in order to give it the hyped up appeal.Christopher McQuarrie also asked his fans to follow the cast and crew on Twitter, since they plan on unveiling some very juicy stuff related to the franchise on social media!

Rebecca’s role in MI:5 brought her to the forefront of mainstream Hollywood and she has just been approached for the adaptation of The Girl on the Train.Rebecca has also been approached for Gambit, Alien: Covenant and Captain Marvel.

The primary concern with the audiences now is whether Ethan and Ilsa will be able to keep their relationship more platonic! After all, refusing the charms of Tom Cruise for two movies in a row is mission impossible!

Christopher McQuarrie was recently interviewed regarding the release of Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation on the DVD, and the Director had a heart-to-heart with the correspondents of a reputed online magazine.

When asked about the immense time crunch that the team faced while filming, since, MI:5 was originally slated for a winter release, but had to be completed by the summer. Christopher revealed that none of the scenes had to be left out in order to meet the demands of time, and there were no added pressures since the team was already under severe stress from Day 1 of the shoot.

When asked about his experiences from directing Rogue Nation, Christopher said that starting with a finished screenplay was very important, as the team understood while filming MI:5. Since, they were already on a time crunch, the team had to start filming while the screenplay was being finished.

As a result, numerous aspects of the script had to be formulated on spot, which wasn’t a bad thing, just really stressful. When asked about his experiences on the sets of the Bourne franchise and how it compared to the Mission Impossible experience, Christopher said that the similarities were profound, since Bourne was also shot under a time crunch.