Finding Carter Season 3 Yet to be Confirmed, Rift Worsens Between Carter and Taylor!

Finding Carter of MTV ended its sophomore season with a cliffhanger. There is no information whether this teen drama will be back for its third season and fans are faced with a much bigger thriller than the apparent season 2 ending.

Carter (Kathryn Prescott), in Atonement, learnt about the fact that Lori (Milena Govich) is attempting to cover up for Max (Alex Sason). He was the real suspect in killing Carter’s older boyfriend Jared, played by Jackson Rathbone.

This was done in order to protect her. However, Max was finally convinced by Carter to turn himself in and also admit to the crime. At the same time, Lori was willing to take the blame for him in order to save him.

There has been a significant shift in storyline, as witnessed by the show followers. The storyline presently focuses on Carter’s relationship with her friends, siblings and romantic prospects. This shows that the show has deviated from its original plot where Carter finds out that her real mother is also her kidnapper.

She explained that unlike everyone in the press, she is not conscious regarding how the people exactly felt about the show moving on. She said, “But as someone who creates series and tells stories all the time, you can’t just continue to tell stories about a girl who was kidnapped.”

The story runs out even though everything she accomplishes for the rest of her life will be colored according to where she came from. She further stated, “Lori is still in her life, this family still has to deal with her. That never goes away. But life moves on.

We couldn’t continue to tell stories about the premise of the pilot forever.” According to her, new stories need to be told as the older ones start running out. She further explained that people will have different opinions but she doesn’t know how to continue making new stories about that.

She provided details regarding how their team of writers came up with final episode of Season 2. Right now, it is uncertain whether they will be given the green light to continue working for Season 3.

The future of the show is clearly uncertain at this point. TV Series Finale reports that compared to all the other scripted shows that have been produced by MTV, Finding Carter is the show which has been left in limbo. All of the others were either renewed or already cancelled.

Meanwhile, the relationship of Carter and Taylor has always remained rather strained. Viewers will witness the tension between them increase when MTV decides to renew this series for a third season. Earlier, Lori admitted to the crime and she was sent to jail.

Later, things didn’t add up and Carter started suspecting Lori was not responsible for the death of her ex-boyfriend. She was not the one who hit him on the head with a bottle. Max later confessed that he was the one responsible for this deed. When he saw Jared hurting Carter in the bar, he simply snapped and couldn’t take it anymore.

Taylor wanted Lori to pay for the crime but it was her mother who did it in order to compensate for all her shortcomings to her, Max and Carter. It was seen differently by Carter and Max was told not to let the older woman take blame for something she did not commit.

Emily Whitesell, the executive producer told Hollywood Reporter that there would be a widening of gap between the two due to this difference of opinions. This will happen more when Taylor witnesses Max’s suffering from his incarceration.