Mission Impossible 5: Expected to be a Box-Office Success, Behind-The-Scene Scoop of the Airplane Stunt!

The airplane stunt is unbelievable and it was completely shot in real life without the help of any CGI. Tom Cruise had to hang on from the side of the airplane for eight takes before he could perfect the final shot.

The behind-the-scenes video of the stunt reveals how the team prepared. Tom Cruise was harnessed carefully to the side of the plane. He was made to wear special protective eye gear, which was like a contact lens in order to avoid debris from going into his eyes.

In an interview, the Stunt Coordinator Wade Eastwood said that the airplane stunt was extremely dangerous. If anything went wrong while the plane was airborne there was nothing that they could have done.

Tom Cruise revealed that he was extremely nervous before performing the stunt sequence. He couldn’t sleep the night before and he felt very scared when the plane started moving and he could feel the strong gusts of wind hitting him hard on the face.

Mission Impossible 5 was pushed ahead to July from December, in order to avoid Star Wars: The Force Awakens.