Mission Impossible 5: Expected to be a Box-Office Success, Behind-The-Scene Scoop of the Airplane Stunt!

Tom Cruise is going to be back on the big screen as Ethan Hunt and fans of the star just can’t seem to wait for Mission Impossible 5: Rogue Nation to hit theaters on the 31st of July. Analysts are expecting the movie to be a huge success like all the previous films from the Mission Impossible franchise.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol wasn’t one of the most successful films in the franchise and movie goers and avid fans of Tom Cruise are hoping that the action star can work out his charm on the box-office this time round.

Mission Impossible 5: Rogue Nation has already caused a lot of buzz online with photos of the action scenes being circulated over the internet. The IMF agent Ethan Hunt is known for his daredevil stunts be it hanging from a cliff or from a moving aircraft and fans are earnestly waiting for what’s in store this time round.

The Christopher McQuarrie film has been shot extensively in different parts of the world, from Morocco to Austria and it has a whopping budget that needs to be matched by a great run at the box office.

Paramount Pictures is producing the film and trade analysts have drawn up records that suggest that the film might not be as successful as the first three movies of the franchise, but it going to surpass the opening that Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol saw.

The pre-release tracking of Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation has shown that the movie will generate around $40million in the opening weekend. This is way less than what the first three movies generated in the first weekend, but it is going to be better than the $2.8 million that Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol could manage in the first weekend.

Phil Contrino from BoxOffice.com has said that the pre-release findings are not being able to take into account the fan enthusiasm in different parts of the world and he is confident that once Mission Impossible 5: Rogue Nation is out, the film will easily surpass the $694.7 million that Ghost Protocol had managed to earn globally.

Contrino said that this assumption is based on the fact that the activities on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites when it comes to Mission Impossible 5: Rogue Nation is unbelievable even at such an early state and this only gets better as the days to the release nears.

The first official trailer of the film has already had more than a million views and it is the talk of the town. Tom Cruise is known for his Mission Impossible films where he shines through in all the scenes and silences his critics and this time round, he has again done with his stunts.

Tom Cruise is known to be one of those very few actors who does his own stunts and under McQuarrie, Tom Cruise did a marvellous airplane stunt. He hangs on to his dear life from the door of the aircraft while it takes off.

When director McQuarrie was asked about the hair rising airplane sequence, he said that the sequence was inspired by Uncharted. On seeing this post on McQuarrie’s Twitter page, Uncharted director Justin Richmond said that his month was made. He couldn’t believe that his gameplay could inspire an action sequence of such a popular film.

In the recent times we have seen more and more films using action sequences that have been inspired by popular action games and their game plays and this was just one such incident. The Uncharted sequences were itself inspired by Tomb Raider, which was in turn inspired by the Indiana Jones series.