Clash of Clans: ‘P2 Million Prize Pool’ Decided for Upcoming Event in the Philippines, Optional Update Introduced for the Players, And More

Supercell has made some famous games for the mobile platform but none of them is as popular as Clash of Clans. With famous personalities like Liam Neeson promoting this game, Clash of Clans has come a long way in terms of mass popularity. It is a game that people from ages 10 to 40 and above can easily enjoy.

You might notice a dad, his toddler and his father all playing Clash of Clans, and such is the popularity of this game. With popularity, comes tournaments and you now have the chance to compete in the biggest tournament for the mobile game in the country this year.

Philippine eSports Organization (PeSO) has organized the Philippines Clash 2015 tournament in partnership eSports by, Smart Communications, and SM Cyberzone along with the Philippine Clash of Clans Underground. The entire tournament will churn out P2 million in prizes for participants taken from all over Philippines.

In partnership with PCCA and Megaworld, PeSO organized the Clash of Summer event which took place in 31st May, 2015, located at the Venice Piazza and McKinley Hill. This event resulted in fans coming from all over the Metro in order to take part in Clan vs. Clan tournament. This latest tournament will set records as the largest possible prize pool for a mobile game competition to be held in Philippines.

According to the reports, the grand match will be held in October this year. The various qualified teams will take the stage to battle for the throne of the country’s greatest clan. Clash of Clans was launched in 2012 and is currently the crown jewel for Supercell.

Through different kinds of in-app purchases, this mobile application draws in millions in revenue and is currently the most successful mobile strategy game in history. Players in Clash of Clans assume the role of a village chief and are tasked with the protection of his territory by building various defensive structures in order to keep the invaders out. Clash of Clans features a player-vs.-player gameplay mechanic where you get to raid and attack foreign villages in order to gather loot or trophies.

Supercell is the maker of world’s most popular mobile game titles. Clash of Clans is currently at No.1 on the top grossing charts with Boom Beach at No.6 and Hay Day is located at No.16. However, it is expected that sometimes even a master hitmaker has to bow down to low market expectations.

On an internet forum, Supercell announced that it has decided to bring Smash Land’s development to a halt. Compared to Supercell, if it was another company, they’d have already released the title and let the market ultimately decide its fate. However, Supercell is different. The company has only 150 employees and is quite notorious for killing off games that don’t live up to the expectations.

The company even celebrates the fact that when they cut off a project, the team members actually end up learning something new from the process. According to Supercell, although the game was popular and getting positive reviews from players, the company found it difficult to bring it to a high enough standard, compared to its other released titles.

The company doesn’t believe in continuing project just for the sake of it. The developer finally announced that the game will be shut down on Tuesday 1 September 2015. Furthermore, according to the Smash Land team, “These decisions are never easy, but we feel it is best to learn from what didn’t work, move on and put our efforts into making better games for you.”

Japan had a highly popular game called Monster Strike and Smash Land was considered to be its clone. The game basically involved pulling down in order to fire cartoon characters at various targets. Supercell was testing the game in regions like Australia and Canada but some intelligent observers discovered the game, which ultimately led to its popularity.