Clash of Clans: ‘P2 Million Prize Pool’ Decided for Upcoming Event in the Philippines, Optional Update Introduced for the Players, And More

In other news, a post on the official Clash of Clans forum shows that there is an optional update available for users in App Store and Google Play. Some of the features of this update are as follows.

  • Awesome visual improvements for the various League Badges.
  • A fix for the players profiles which showed all the dark elixir spells being prematurely unlocked.

In the meantime, a few days ago, Supercell asked its fans about their favorite army composition. Some of the fan replies were exceedingly hilarious. For example, some of the fans declared their favorite army composition to be on maintenance break while another considered it to be God’s Arm. Some of the most popular compositions included Hogriders, Dragon and minions, Wizards and Healers, Dragons, Gowpie along with Wizards and Golems.

In the meantime, if you aren’t aware of the Earthquake spell, here’s how you should use it. This spell can be used to weaken/soften the walls and structures of rival bases. It is also a great wall-breaker alternative.

Stay tuned for more updates on Clash of Clans!