Married at First Sight Season 3: Doubts over the Next Season, Panel Experts Blamed For Negative Result, And More

Married at First Sight Season 3 seems like a bit dicey to begin with since the results of the second season were not good. None of the couples that were there on the season continued beyond the one month trial period.

Statistics does show that arranged marriages last longer and are better, but American version of Married at First Sight Season 2 didn’t do well at all for the participants. However, it would be of some consolation to the fans that the show isn’t doing well in its Australia and Denmark version either.

Married at First Sight Season 1 was successful with two of the three couples still together. It shows that the panel was correct in matching the couples and they could bring together similar like-minded individuals to carry forward the social experiment.

All the three couples in the second season of Married at First Sight have separated. Ryan Ranellone and Jaclyn Methuen have gone their separate ways, so has Sean Varricchio and Davina Kullar. Matters became a little to nasty for the third couple Ryan DeNiro and Jessica Castro.

The two have not only divorced and gone their separate ways, but Jessica has also drawn a restraining order against Ryan DeNiro after he threatened to kill her and her family.

Ryan DeNiro recently shared the restraining order on his Instagram page and told Jessica that he is shocked and disappointed at the lies she is spreading and things will be revealed soon enough.

Married at First Sight has a very interesting concept of pairing random strangers and getting them married. The Guardian called the show the arranged marriage of the 21st but there is a lot of criticism about the way the partners are being paired.

There is a group of panel that sits together and studies each willing contestant and then pairs them up with another from the opposite sex depending on their mutual likes and dislikes and personalities.

This although a very challenging social experiment wasn’t true in real life scenario where two strangers get along only because of their compatibility and mutual attraction that cannot be predefined.

Relationship is not science and no matter how hard people try to establish it as one, there are going to be differences between what works on paper and what doesn’t and human behavior and emotion is something that cannot be pre-determined.

Married at First Sight has different versions in Denmark, Australia and the United States and in each of these countries the show is faring in the similar fashion. The recent fate of the show in all of the countries has got the producers thinking and they have decided to not go ahead with the show.

Although there has been no official announcement about Married at First Sight Season 3 the A&E and FYI are facing a lot of flaks because of their faulty pairing of couples. There is a lot of criticism directed towards the show for telling the world that divorce is an easy solution to a faulty marriage and adding to the fate of unsuccessful marriages in the world.

The Ecumenical News has reported that there are problems regarding the lack of background checks done before getting the participants into the show. There were instances of Ryan DeNiro trying out drugs and other illegal stuff and this had gone on to create problems with his wife Jessica Castro.

Chris Coelen, who is the CEO of Kinetic Content that produces the show has said that even though it looks like the show is unsuccessful with incompatible people coming together, there are large number of willing contestants who are coming up to participate in the social experiment.

6 thoughts on “Married at First Sight Season 3: Doubts over the Next Season, Panel Experts Blamed For Negative Result, And More”

  1. So you hit a bump in the road and you are going to give up? I thought it was a great show. Like everything else, media gets a Hold of it and poisons it. Hang in there and re think the weeding out of the right people!!!

  2. I loved season 1! I couldn’t get enough; even watched reruns… Aside from Jacyln Methuen, season 2 didn’t have the engaging personalities that made it interesting. The men were horrible choices. That’s what’s frustrating. I can’t believe the experts collectively thought these boys were marriage material. I have to question their entire screening process.
    Still, I hope to see another season where the whole production redeems itself, because the subject is fascinating.

  3. It’s the journey – the rise and fall in relationships we all go through! That’s what’s so great about this show. I feel like I am learning along with them – the do’s and don’ts – and how to manage relationships. So even in the end if they chose not to continue the relationships, it’s the interaction in between that I love!

    FURTHERMORE, there’s something to be said about NOT sticking out a relationship, be it arranged or not, when there’s abuse involved. (Way to go, Jess!)

    I’ll be really disappointed if they cancel the show based on a “failed” preconceived outcome, because they will truly be missing the value gained through the entire process!

  4. Love the show. Hope it is not canceled. Love the experts advise – I learned a lot about relationships!

  5. What is wrong with you people? The show’s “experts” successfully matched two out of six couples or 33%, which is lower than America’s divorce rate (67% vs. around 44% respectively). It was painfully obvious that Davina and Sean weren’t good matches but the “experts” thought they were because both had been picked on in their childhood–as if such similarities necessarily make a good match. Rather, both manifested opposite ways of coping with perceived transgressions, which damned the relationship from the beginning. Although the show itself isn’t necessarily a failure, they need to find relationship experts who actually know what they’re doing.

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