Thor 3: Jaimie Alexander Confirms Her Role, Marvel CEO Promises Official Announcements, And More

It is still two years until we see the Norse God of Thunder in the big screen, but fans of Thor will be happy that there is news trickling in about Thor 3. In an interview with Collider, Kevin Feige, the CEO of Marvel has finally said by the end of summer there are going to be some official announcements about Thor 3.

Fans of the super hero were very worried that Thor 3 might be cancelled since the previous two films have been as popular as they were expected to do. There was no official news about the impending project apart from tidbits here and there that revealed that Thor 3 will be named Thor 3: Ragnarok, after the Norse term of destruction.

While Kevin Feige did not comment on anything else, he did promise the fans of Thor that by summer end Marvel will release the name of the director and the writer. He also teased the fans saying that they might be the same person or two different persons.

There were rumors circulating that Kenneth Branagh might be returning to the director’s chair to shoot another Thor film, but Kevin Feige completely refuted the rumor and said that it is not true.

Collider has also given an inside scoop suggesting that the director who will have the responsibility to take Thor 3 forward will be from the indie film or television background and will not be a very known face. However, Marvel is well aware of the stake in Thor 3 and they will surely go ahead with someone who is cut out to take the charge of such a huge film.

The fans have always known that Chris Hemsworth is going to be returning as Thor while Tom Hiddleston will play the role of Loki. Actress Jaimie Alexander was at the Comic-Con held in San Diego to promote NBC’s new series Blindspot, where she plays the role of Jane Doe.

Jaimie was interviewed by MTV where she confirmed that she will be back as Asgardian warrior Lady Sif in the upcoming Thor 3 film. Jaimie said that she doesn’t know about the plot of the film or who else is going to be a part of the movie, but she is aware of the fact that she will be back as the warrior Sif.

Not having any idea about the plot of Thor 3 she is unaware of how important or what kind of presence she will be enjoying in the upcoming film. Jaimie went ahead to say that she can’t wait to watch Gal Gadot’s portrayal of Wonder Woman on screen.

Being part of a movie where she has to do action sequences she knows there has to be a lot of preparation for the role. The actors have to train hard and have to believe that they can do what they are doing on screen.

Jaimie Alexander is confident that Gal Gadot has it in her to carry of the role and she is going to kick butt as the Amazonian princess in the upcoming film.

The name of the film has given fans a clue that the plot will deal with the destruction of Asgard. “Ragnarok” is a Norse word that means apocalypse and it looks like there are powers that will go to any lengths to destroy the abode of Gods.

Fans are itching to know what role Loki will play in the destruction of Asgard. Will he join hands with Thor and help him protect Asgard or will he join the ranks of the fire giant, Surtur and aid them destroying his home.