Thor 3: Jaimie Alexander Confirms Her Role, Marvel CEO Promises Official Announcements, And More

There are rumors that Thor 3 will start from the Avengers: Age of Ultron. Thanos has stolen the Infinity gems and in all probability will start a war against the Gods. This film is likely to see the death of the major characters.

Marvel is surely not going to be speaking about this one topic, but fans have their own theories that either Loki or Thor will see the last of his days in the Thor 3. These rumors and speculations will continue because this is what keeps the fans going since they have such a long wait between two films.

The fans are hopeful that Kevin Feige will see the fans earnestly waiting for some information related to the plot and will give some official confirmation about the supposed plot line for Thor 3, when Marvel makes the announcement for the filmmaker and writer for the same.

Thor 3: Ragnarok is slated to release on 3rd November, 2017. There hasn’t been any official announcement about when the film is likely to go on the floor, but it is expected to start sometime in the first half of 2016.