Miley Cyrus: Rumored to Be Back Together with Ex-Lover Liam Hemsworth, Moves in with the Australian Actor!

The names of Miley Cyrus, Izzy Azalea and Elvis are specifically mentioned as some of the guilty parties. The duo calls them fake and plastic and blames them for stealing the music, the passion, the magic and the fashion. They even stated that the culture was never theirs to make better.

Izzy Azalea took to social media to state that Macklemore shouldn’t have pretended to be good to her in parties and other meetings if this was actually how he felt about her.

Miley Cyrus collaborated with Kayne West for the remix version of Black Skinhead more than two years ago. Latest reports state that the track has just been leaked online. Miley Cyrus features in the song alongside Travis Scott and Luke Fiasco.

The news of the leak comes just at the moment when the internet is abuzz with Macklemore’s White Privilege II track in which the rapper takes a jab at Miley for appropriating the black culture. This has sparked rumors that this might be Miley’s response to the accusations that Macklemore puts on her in his White Privilege II track.

Kayne West’s album Yeezus features this track and his newest album Swish is scheduled for a February 11 release.

Stay tuned for more update on Miley Cyrus.