Miley Cyrus: Rumored to Be Back Together with Ex-Lover Liam Hemsworth, Moves in with the Australian Actor!

The renowned American, singer, songwriter and actress is recently making the headlines for getting engaged to Liam Hemsworth once again. The duo got into a relationship in 2012 when Liam Hemsworth proposed to her, but the relationship did not last long as they called off their engagement a year later in 2013 and went their separate ways.

Various reports are suggesting that the couple are back together and Miley Cyrus is currently even sporting the Neil Lane designer ring that Liam proposed her with back in 2012. She was seen wearing the ring while coming out of the JFK airport in New York on January 17.

The next day she posted a photo of herself in her Instagram account where she was seen wearing the same ring. A renowned website gave confirmation to the fact that the couple is indeed back together once again.

She is reportedly moving in with Hemsworth and is even bringing her dogs along with her! Apparently, Miley and some of her friends drove over to the Australian actor’s mansion in Malibu over the past weekend. There is a total of six dogs at Hemsworth’s residence currently as Miley brought four and Hemsworth himself is the owner of two dogs.

Rumors of the couple spending time together were doing rounds on the internet for quite some time. It seems like the ex-lovers started meeting up once again after Miley separated ways with Patrick Schwarzenegger back in April of the previous year. They reportedly spent the holidays together in Australia.

Their reunion took place soon after Miley’s Milky Milky Milk tour came to an end in December. Following her tour, she was seen heading off to Australia to spend the new year with Hemsworth. Soon, sparks started to fly as they once again fell for each other and apparently this vacation was what that set the getting-back-together train in motion for the couple.

Elsa Pataky, the wife of Liam Hemsworth’s brother, Chris Hemsworth posted a photo of herself and Miley in her Instagram account spending the new year together. The photo came with a hastag which read Bestfriends.

According to a popular website, Hemsworth’s family were not too happy about the duo getting engaged back in 2012 as they felt that both of them were too young to marry at that time. However, the site further adds that this time around, his family is more supportive of their decision of getting back together as they feel that they both have grown up and become more matured.

The actor’s family has never been against this relation and has always liked Miley, but the one thing they were worried about was that they were too young to handle marriage. Couple of years later, both of them have gained more experience with age and thus his family no longer has any problem with them being together. It sure looks like things are heating up again for the once estranged couple!

In other news, Miley Cyrus and Izzy Azalea have been targeted by Macklemore in his new song which is being called- White Privilege II.

He even referred to them as fake and plastic in the dramatic song about his fight for racial and social equality. The song is a follow-up to the White Privilege track that was released by the rapper back in 2005.

Macklemore is accompanied by Ryan Lewis in the song and they begin it by expressing their discomfort over the fact that they are fighting for racial equality in spite of being white.As the song progresses, things become really serious and they start dropping names about renowned personalities who wouldn’t step up to bring about a change.