Elder Scrolls 6: Bethesda’s Next Offering Remains Engulfed in Mysteries, Fans Suggest a Better Storyline and Comprehensive Dialogue System for the Game!

The Elder Scrolls series of video games is immensely popular among fans and they have been eagerly waiting to get their hands on the next installment in the series- Elder Scrolls 6. Elder Scrolls 6 from Bethesda is one of the most anticipated games of recent times.

It was previously reported that Bethesda is currently busy with the recently released Fallout 4 and its DLCs and thus it looks like that Elder Scrolls 6 won’t be making an appearance anytime soon. It has already been confirmed by Pete Hines, the Vice President of Bethesda, that Elder Scrolls 6 is actually in its developmental stages. He referred to the game as Skyrim 2 while talking about it and thus fans are assuming that the game will not be based off Morrowland or Oblivion.

A renowned website recently reported that the game is set to hit the market in 2019 and chances are high that it will be located in Argonia.  However, there has been no confirmation from Bethesda regarding the matter as of yet.

In a recent interview with DualShockers, Pete Hines stated that fans won’t be hearing anything substantial about Elder Scrolls 6 at the moment. He pointed out that the team of developers at Bethesda are currently focused on Fallout 4 and its DLCs and the company won’t divide its resources to work on two different games at the same time.

He added that it is not the way how Bethesda functions. The company employs all its resources in one game at one time. Until and unless the studio completes its work on Fallout 4, it won’t shift its focus to Elder Scrolls 6. According to him, it is highly unlikely that fans will be getting an update regarding the game before 2017.

Australia Network is of the opinion that Bethesda should iron out the drawbacks of Fallout 4 before releasing Elder Scrolls 6. The site reported that the lack of a compelling storyline and an efficient UI in Fallout 4 was the cause of disappointment for many fans and the studio should make sure that Elder Scrolls 6 does not come with the same type of drawbacks. It should develop a particular user interface for Elder Scrolls 6 which is easy to understand and will let players gain access to any of the options of the game with ease.

A more comprehensive dialogue system should be incorporated into the upcoming game to improve its overall gameplay. Discussions over various forums revealed that fans would like to see the weapon forging feature of Fallout 4 incorporated into Elder Scrolls 6.

Another feature that fans wanted to see in the upcoming game was the feature of being rewarded when they completely finish off a particular skill set.

Various names like Elsweyr, Valenwood and the Summerset Isles are popping up in discussions related to the location of the game. The developers should try to put in more details in the cut scenes of the upcoming game.

Some fans are of the opinion that Elder Scrolls 6 should be based on Akavir and others believe that the developers could take the game to some location which is beyond the boundaries of Tamriel.

A renowned website suggested that the developers should work towards incorporating a better combat system in the upcoming game.

Combat has never been the strong point of Elder Scrolls games and this aspect could be improved by the addition of brand new imaginary weapons to the upcoming game.

The site pointed out that the developers could draw inspiration from Bloodborne in this aspect which features a number of impressive imaginary weapons.