GTA 6: Might Be Released for PlayStation 5, Resignation of Rockstar North’s President May Cause Delay in Its Release!

The rumor mill has been abuzz with various rumors for quite some time regarding the sixth iteration of the Grand Theft Auto franchise of video games- GTA 6. It was recently reported in a renowned website that the game is still in its developmental stages and will not be released anytime soon.

Earlier rumors regarding the game placed its release date in the year 2018, however, the latest rumors suggest that GTA 6 might not see the light of the day before 2022. The reason for this delay could be accounted to the fact the next generation consoles of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two might not be released before 2020.

It has been normal for both Microsoft and Sony to release a new console every seven years and the last consoles that were released by these companies were PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the year 2013. Thus it could be assumed that the next set of consoles from these companies is likely to hit the market in 2020.

Various rumors are suggesting that GTA 6 might be released for PlayStation 5. If these rumors are to be believed, then it can be assumed that Rockstar won’t be able to release the game in 2018.

In order to make GTA 6 compatible with PlayStation 5, Rockstar would have to hold off the developmental process of the game for some time, till they can acquire a clear knowledge of the technical aspects of the next-gen console from Sony.

This is sure to cause a delay in the release of the game and Cross map is of the opinion that if GTA 6 is indeed released for PlayStation 5, it is highly unlikely that Rockstar will be able to launch the game before 2022.

In other news, Leslie Benzies, the President of Rockstar North is reportedly leaving the company. Rockstar North is known to have made significant contributions towards the development of several Grand Theft Auto games. Leslie Benzies has been a part of the company for 20 years and it is being speculated that his resignation might come as a blow to the development process of GTA 6.

Benzies has been on a leave from work since September 1, 2014 and in a recent announcement from Rockstar North, it has been confirmed that he is not coming back to helm the President’s chair of the company.

Rockstar North has been responsible for the development of several big gaming franchises that include the likes of Grand Theft Auto, Manhunt and Red Dead redemption. The first GTA game was developed by this company back in 1998.

Leslie himself has been actively contributing to GTA games for a long period as a producer. Thus fans are wondering whether his decision to leave the company might become some sort of an obstacle in the development of GTA 6.

Earlier reports related to the game stated that it may include a female protagonist. If indeed a female lead is included in the game, it will be the first instance that a GTA game is going to have a female character in a lead role.It is being rumored that the female lead character will be portrayed by renowned Hollywood actress Eva Mendes.

The rumors of inclusion of a female lead character in GTA 6 cannot be completely blown away as Dan Houser had earlier stated that the developers are already considering the idea and it will be materialized as soon as they can come up with the right script for it. Ryan Gosling will also reportedly feature in the game in a lead role.

The advancement of game engines has enabled developers to incorporate more amount of action, destruction and drama in modern day games. Needless to say, that the developers will do the same with GTA 6 and fans can expect its gameplay to feature some never-seen-before larger than life action sequences.