Elder Scrolls 6: Bethesda’s Next Offering Remains Engulfed in Mysteries, Fans Suggest a Better Storyline and Comprehensive Dialogue System for the Game!

Christian today stated that cut scenes are very important for the game as these cut scenes enable players get a better idea of the storyline and would also help them to get a knowledge about certain plot points related to the game that they might overlook in their quest for the monsters. At the same time an emphasis on cutscenes would definitely work towards making the game more captivating.

In other news related to the game, Bethesda has just acquired a new office in Montreal, Quebec. Bethesda looks to expand the scope of its development capabilities in console, PC and mobile game with the newly acquired development studio. The company is reportedly on the lookout for some developers for this new studio.

This has led to fans assuming that this new studio might make significant contribution towards the development of Elder Scrolls 6. A new studio could mean that the developers might do away with the game engine that they are currently using and build up Elder Scrolls 6 with a brand new Engine which would work towards bringing about significant amount of improvements in its graphics and performance.

A brand new office also means extra work-force and using this extra work-force could be used by Bethesda to make the upcoming game bigger than ever.

Stay tuned for more update on Elder Scrolls 6.